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Pixel 6 Rumors - Latest News: Google Pixel 6 Might Feature a Samsung Camera Sensor

May 07, 2021

While we are waiting in anticipation for the next Pixel phone by Google, naturally, many rumors are starting to circle around. In truth, ultimately, half of those rumors turn out to be a distant dream that the fans have hoped to see. But on the other hand, half of those rumors actually turn out to be spot-on. Bearing that in mind, we will try and report any rumors we come across in hopes that some of them will provide a better picture of what to expect in October this year.

Speaking of a better picture, this time we will deal with topics of Google seeking help at their opponent's door (Samsung). Rumors say that Google's Pixel 6 might feature a Samsung camera sensor and even blueprints for Google's new chipset that may premiere this October which resembles Samsung's Exynos, but the latter news is for a whole new discussion.

Letā€™s find out more about the camera expectations.

Pixel 6 with Samsung camera sensor?

Since the Pixel 3 series, Google has used two camera sensors ā€“ the main one being the IMX363 from Sony, as well as the Exmor RS. However, we all know that the main photo and video quality power comes from Googleā€™s AI, or more precisely, algorithms that enrich photos with great detail quality (similarly to Appleā€™s iPhones). So far, Pixel 5 has shown great results in terms of quality output, but it seems like Google will change the so far trustworthy IMX363 sensors for the new Pixel 6 model.

Mishaal Rahman, who is the XDA Developers chief editor, has leaked out that the new Pixel 6 will have GBRB Bayer-powered algorithms that are most commonly seen with ISOCELL sensors from Samsung. This revelation has been found within the Super Res Zoom algorithms for Pixel 6, meaning that Google may have finally changed the camera hardware with this model.

Be that as it may, it is still not known which camera hardware will the Pixel 6 use. Right now, the bets are that Google will use the ISOCELL 35+ sensors if they stick with the good-old 12 MP cameras in the future. We have seen the same sensors, that is, currently the best GN2 sensors, with Mi 11 Ultra. If you have seen the photo quality of Mi 11 Ultra, you will be delighted to see the same sensors with Pixel 6.

It will be interesting to see how the new sensors will work hand in hand with Googleā€™s AI, but the change may be more positive than ever, as every Googleā€™s phone is better with each new release.

About ISOCELL sensors

Samsung's line of image sensors is named after the company's own technology - ISOCELL, which is the optimal solution for today's devices that require ultra-thin models with high-quality cameras. First introduced in 2013, ISOCELL technology separates each pixel with the help of a physical barrier, which reduces color overflow between pixels. This allows for high color reliability, with excellent image quality even at smaller pixels.

Samsung ISOCELL has four technology sub-brands: Bright, Fast, Slim, and Dual, which meet specific market requirements:

  • ISOCELL Bright sensors provide bright and sharp images with high color reliability and reduced noise in low light conditions.
  • ISOCELL Fast sensors have fast autofocus on still or moving subjects, even when dark.
  • ISOCELL Slim sensors adopt the smallest pixel size available on the market, yet produce high-quality images on even the thinnest devices.
  • ISOCELL Dual sensors can be variously combined and coordinated on the user's devices, in order to obtain the characteristics required in the latest trend of dual cameras.

This would be the Google Pixel 6 with a hidden selfie camera

The friends of Patently Apple have revealed a patent for a mobile that would be destined to be the next Google Smartphone, although we have certain doubts regarding its design.

Everything changes when we look at the mobile phone ā€“ in the center, there is no trace of either the hole for the selfie camera or the bezel. Of course, it is impossible for a new phone not to have a selfie (front) camera. That being said, we suppose that Google Pixel 6 could be counting on new technology, something really interesting ā€“ the "behind-the-screen selfie camera.ā€

We already have the first Smartphone on the market with the selfie camera hidden under the screen (ZTE Axon 20 5G). Although its execution is very good, it must be said that the photographic quality is not the best. It will be interesting to see how Google's artificial intelligence corrects any trace of anomalies captured with this sensor under the panel. Based on the previous experience, we believe that Google will definitely make it work, and we can expect an even prettier Google Pixel phone (the aesthetic quality being a standard of Pixel phones), and with better camera quality!

Without a doubt, this whole topic will be a trend throughout the whole of 2021, until the official release, where we are ready to report everything that is coming.

Final words

So far the rumors have been extremely positive and many are already creating a real hype over the release of new Pixel phones. And if these rumors are to be true, then Pixel 6 will be more flagship than mid-range, which was the case with Pixel 5. Not just that, but if Google manages to fit the pieces together well, Pixel 6 will be awesome!

We are not the first ones to notice this though. Many manufacturers have seen this and are already trying to provide fantastic accessories for these upcoming smartphones from Google even 6 months before the release. For example, we can already find a fantastic smart case from i-Blades for Googleā€™s upcoming Pixel 6. As always, this company makes fantastic accessories for many flagships that see the day of light, and Pixel 6 wonā€™t be excluded from the trend.

What do you hope to see with the new Google release?