The removable phone battery for the modern world

June 30, 2017

Removable Phone Batteries: Phased out by manufacturers

When Apple revealed the first iPhone, its integrated battery marked a significant departure in phone design. At that time removable phone batteries were a must-have feature, but now the removable phone battery is practically dead.  The design philosophy of phones and smooth lines sent it to the grave yard of phone features, even though many found the removable phone battery a useful feature. 

Battery life a major issue

Since that time smartphone battery life continues to let users down.  Phone design has changed but the desire and need for more battery life has not abated.  The demand for slim phones means only so much battery can be packed in.  Then when you go too far the Samsung Note 7 happens.

The ideal scenario is having a smartphone battery life that lasts long enough, well beyond a day.  But of course that is a dream for many and hardly exists in today's world with the level of usage we all have with our smartphones.

But even if your phone lasts a reasonable amount of time now, it will decline over time as , smartphone batteries can lose capacity.

So at some point unless you want to live by sockets you will need to look at battery cases, battery packs to supplement your phone's battery life.


A removable and rechargable phone battery is something we still need

Today we need battery power at different times of the day and in different places.  But removing the back of a phone and fitting a new battery does not fit with modern needs.

Battery packs or battery cases are both bulky options. When you have a battery pack you cannot really make calls and continue to look sensible.  A battery pack is very bulky - you are effectively carrying around  a battery all day.

 The removable phone battery was not a perfect solution but it gave that option to upgrade your battery for a fully charged battery.  No phone bulk or usage penalty.


The removable phone battery re-imagined

The i-BLADES Smartcase which is a modular phone case that has re-invented the removable battery for the modern busy digital consumer.


The i-BLADES Smartcase with its battery and memory Smartblade operates like a contemporary removable battery.  It gives you snap-on power when you need it and then you can remove it.  But rather than being in the phone the battery is attached to the back of a phone case (which nowadays are a must have accessory).

Its the removable battery for the modern day user.

The i-BLADES SmartCase offers a battery life extender that’s convenient! You can't always plan for the occasions when you'll need to rely on your phone's charge for an extended period. A battery you can change at will is far more user friendly.


Expand your Phone's Functionality Beyond a Battery Pack With i-BLADES

But the i-BLADES Smartcase is far more than a battery pack.  Its a whole modular system that allows you to add other features to your phone.  Go beyond extra battery life and explore a world of new features, including a robust environmental sensor and even VR functionality.

But if you are looking for a battery solution then it definitely is something you should consider.  Check out our range of Smartcases.


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