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S22 vs Google Pixel 6 and S21

December 06, 2021

The Samsung S22 series will soon hit the market and people are eager to find out how powerful it will be. Bearing that in mind, here is a short comparison between the regular S21 and S22 models, with the inclusion of Pixel 6 as an alternative.

Google Pixel 6

The Pixel 6 is sandwiched between metal and glass with tapered edges around the back to make it more ergonomic. No markdowns were made for this $600 model - the front is still Gorilla Glass Victus, just like the Google Pixel 6 Pro, and the back is Gorilla Glass 6.

The camera panel is controversial - some make fun of it, some like it. I'm in the latter camp - it's unique, I think it looks cool and it really helps with the device as my index finger rests comfortably on it and prevents slipping.

The Google Tensor chip inside isn't a benchmark champion, but that's not the point. Silicon has been optimized to help the Pixel 6 handle its AI challenges - we know how Google loves to integrate its smart assistant into everything you do on your Pixel phone. According to the manufacturer, it is Google Tensor that allows Google Assistant to soar to new heights on the Pixel 6.

The camera is a definite improvement over past generations of Pixel phones, as the main sensor has finally been updated to 50MP pixel spaced apart for even more light collection. Amazing software post-processing, as we know, does the rest.

Battery life is reliable unless you are counting on more than one day of battery life. Android 12 is a major UI overhaul that brings bold new buttons and new ways to customize the interface to suit your style.

I firmly believe that the Google Pixel 6 offers a ton of advantages and beats many of its competitors at $600. It offers the same software and powerful hardware like the Pixel 6 Pro, with the same amazing camera that takes fantastic pictures day and night. This is a much better Pixel phone than last year's Pixel 5, which was launched at a higher price point.

Samsung Galaxy S21

The difference between the Plus and standard model is solely in size. The device is based on a 5-nanometer Exynos 2100 microprocessor (or Snapdragon 888 for the Asian market). The device runs on Google Android 11 with a proprietary graphical shell.

There are two slots for installing a SIM card at once, the ability to connect to 5G networks and use eSIM to work with mobile operators. To connect to wireless connections, the Wi-Fi 6E protocol is used, which speeds up the connection and makes it more stable.

The package includes branded Buds Pro, equipped with advanced noise cancellation. GPS-tags Smart Tag went on sale separately. Similar ones are in development at Apple, but have not yet entered the market. Their use helps to facilitate the search for small items that people periodically lose: keys, documentation, and much more.


The S21 has a 6.2" FHD + screen, the refresh rate varies from 48 to 120 hertz, which allows you to use the display for photo retouching, video editing, etc. The volume of the rechargeable battery is 4000 mAh, which is very nice for a base model. The disk space options are from 128 to 256 GB, and it always comes with 8GB RAM.

The rear camera comes with a combination of 12+64+12 MP cameras and has the possibility of recording 8K videos. The front camera is 10MP and can record 4K.

The S21 series is great, albeit the Ultra model is the best one. The standard S21 (which we spoke about here) is quite good but for a few bucks more you can buy the Ultra model and not have a single worry of your phoneā€™s greatness.

Samsung Galaxy S22

Now the part you probably opened this text for ā€“ what to expect from the new Galaxy S22 and how it compares with the previous two mentioned models. There are many rumors and official information about this phone circling on the internet and this is pretty much what you can expect.

Samsung will go with the latest Snapdragon 895 for China/USA and Exynos 2200 chipsets for the rest of the world. These will bring more power and more speed in comparison with the previous S21 series.

Another top improvement comes related to the chipset, and it is the graphics power. Apparently, Samsung will try and cooperate with AMD this time around and implement RNDA technology that is present in gaming consoles, such as Xbox X and Playstation 5. Naturally, gaming consoles canā€™t compare to mobile phones but there is still plenty to be excited about as this new cooperation will probably give birth to ray-tracing technology inside mobile phones!

The S22 will have a 6.06-inch UHD+ screen with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz! The screen is smaller than the predecessor's but that will only mean a smaller phone, which I highly support. The 120Hz refresh rate is not the highest on the market (with 144Hz available) but it's still of great quality.

For the regular S22 model, there shouldnā€™t be many changes in terms of megapixels, but the new cooperation with a well-known camera manufacturer ā€“ Olympus has given us something to be excited about. Olympus will try and improve the optical stabilization system of these cameras.

A smaller phone means a smaller battery and the S22 model is expected to have a 3,700 mAh battery capacity, which is less than with S21 but with a smaller screen, this should be unnoticeable. This battery should last a day.

RAM and storage memory should go around 8GB and 120GB respectively, while Plus and Ultra models will have much more.

Final words

Which one is the best?


Naturally, the S22 will be an improvement from the previous S21 series (as it often goes), and based on current info, the S22 is better in every regard. In comparison with Pixel 6, S22 will bring in much more power but probably at a higher cost. Those who don't want to splash the cash should opt for the Pixel 6 as it is still a great phone.


The S22 series is to be announced in late January/early February and it is one of the highly anticipated tech reveals of the year. Many companies have already begun producing various gadgets for the S22 series, such as full phone protection.

Time will tell but the S22 will definitely be the winner here.