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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 – when will it be released, and how will it perform

July 09, 2020

Up until recently, most people could make relatively accurate predictions on ‘what the next Samsung Galaxy phone will look, feel, and perform like’, but the situation has changed a bit. The rumors are not as precise or as concise as they used to be, the leaks are less credible, and even the official info is a bit contradictory at times. Nevertheless, we’ve managed to sift through the mud and aim to shed some light on the issue.

Release Date – Due next month

Some of the most credible sources agree that the Note 20’s launch could potentially be the 5th of August while the release date will most likely be 21st of August. However, we should keep in mind that this is Samsung’s brand new flagship model that is scheduled right in the midst of the pandemic crisis.

This is one of the most anticipated Samsung smartphone releases that might, for better or worse, get pushed back a couple of days, weeks, or even a month.

However, we are led to believe that Samsung will see the launch through; the One Plus 8 gadgets are already up in the air, so there are fewer reasons to delay the launch of Note 20.

Note 20’s correlation with S20 Plus & S20 Ultra

It’s only natural to assume that a variety of features the heavily acclaimed S20+ (as well as S20 Ultra) came supplied with to be the building blocks of the brand-new Note 20. The previous flagships, or better said, the predecessors of Note 20 proved to be extremely formidable, and in such times of uncertainty that we’re living in, we expect Samsung to take a less risky approach by sticking to their guns.

Obviously, the ‘new flagship’ needs to bring something ‘new’ to the table. Something new and exquisite that will establish its place among such diversity, which further means that we could (and should) expect a variety of improvements in terms of CPU, RAM, camera quality, and/or storage.

Note20 Lite and why it might be a move of the century

‘Lite’ versions of smartphones are becoming more of a thing with each passing quadrant, and we shouldn’t be surprised to see a Note20 Lite in near future. With this move, Samsung could easily reinforce their position on the budget phone-stylus market, which would consequentially leave more space and time for them to refocus on improving boutique models.

Obviously, this affects flagship models, including Note20, which also means that the ‘final’ Note20 version might not be so final after all.

Note20 Price point category

Even if the rumours went silent and leaks were brushed off as hearsay, we could tell you with certainty that Note20 smartphone is going to be a boutique model. When Note10 was released, its initial price was $949, which is just a couple of dollars away from the top-tier price point category.

However, when the previous Samsung flagship launched, the global economy was slightly healthier. We can’t anticipate what course of action and strategy Samsung has in store, but what we hope is that Note20 is not going to be more expensive than it should be.

The paycheck of an average consumer has dropped, and unless the brand wants the new phone to be an exclusive extravaganza, they’ll stick to their usual price tag tactics.

Obviously, every ‘S’ and ‘Plus’ version of a Samsung smartphone costs roughly $100 more than the original, so there aren’t any immediate reasons to think that the fate of Note20S/Note20+ will be any different.

Specs, Features, and performance

There’s been a huge buzz generated around the new 5G connectivity, and it’s only obvious that the soon-to-be latest letter of technology will be equipped with it.

Most Android-based smartphones are expected to feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865, and unless Samsung somehow managed to reinvent the wheel, Note20 will be supplied with it as well. The 5G modem complemented with Snapdragon 865 is most likely to deliver staggering, possibly unprecedented results.

Among the most important differences between Note10 and Note20 is the improved battery. While its predecessor featured a 3,500 mAh battery, the new model will have either a 4,000 mAh battery, or even a 4,500 mAh one. Either way, it will bring the advantage of improved lifetime to the table.

Design & Display

As far as current leaks could go, we can only assume that Note20 will feature a nearly bezel-less 6.-7inch high-quality screen that packs a single lens camera, and a huge camera block mounted on its back side.

The accuracy of leaked dimensions leaves some room for doubt, but we currently believe that they’re going to measure 161.8 mm by 75.3 mm by 8.5 mm. This means that Note20 will be an elegant, tall phone with a slim-profile. However, nearly all Samsung flagship models fit the description.


One of the most important aspects of a high-quality smartphone is its camera. Samsung’s phones have, to this day, managed to go toe to toe with professional boutique cameras, and that’s the least we should be expecting of the Note20.

Obviously, this top-shelf smartphone will feature at least three cameras. The main camera is rumoured to boast more than 100 megapixels, its second camera will apparently have 12 MP to offer while the snapper camera will have 13 MPs.

We were a bit disappointed to hear that Note20 will not be able to match the exceptional zooming capability of its predecessor, although the Plus version will quite possibly be able to.


Even though we’re not completely certain when we’re going to be able to pick up this amazing phone, we can safely conclude that it will be vastly superior to its predecessor. The Note20 will most likely be one of the strongest, most versatile smartphones Samsung has ever launched, and all the leaks and rumours are backing up our claims. Although it won’t be perfect per se (in the sense that it will have inferior zooming quality), it will most certainly be more than valuable for the money. Although you may not be able to buy your Note20 yet, you can be prepared for its release with i-BLADES premium screen protectorsSmartcases, and exclusive Napa leather wallet cases.