Samsung Galaxy Note 8, six features and specs we'd all like to see

July 14, 2017

Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 rumors

When Samsung goes into R&D mode for a new version of one of its flagship phones, people take notice. That's why the rumor mill is alive with the Galaxy Note 8 on the horizon, and Samsung has been tight-lipped about its next flagships device's features. But let's take a quick look at the features we'd love to see making an appearance in the Galaxy Note 8.


Galaxy Note 8 marks the shift to dual-lens cameras 

It's time for the next big leap in quality for smartphone cameras, and that’s why we’re hearing plenty of rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 featuring a dual-lens setup. With both a wide angle and a telephoto lens, there are a huge number of new possibilities for creating compelling and vivid images. Leaks from accessory manufacturers indicate that the Galaxy Note 8 will likely be Samsung's first foray into dual camera setups. Improved zoom and sharper overall images are certainly going to be compelling features for the Galaxy Note 8 buyer.


Will Samsung Galaxy Note 8 use a 4k display?

So far, there are few smartphones on the market with displays capable of the crispest ultra-HD 4k resolution. Right now, we know that the Galaxy Note 8 will feature a massive, bezel-less display. We don't know if it will be 4k, but there are rumors — a step up to the newest standard in high-res displays will give the phone a degree of "future-proofing". It would also thrust Samsung a step ahead of most other smartphone manufacturers, as Apple isn't dabbling with 4k on their upcoming iPhone 8 screen.


Virtual reality continues to grow

Samsung's Galaxy Note will definitely feature VR.  Samsung's commitment to virtual reality applications remains high. One rumor suggests that the Galaxy Note 8 will be able to pair with a new "wearable" VR headset similar to the current Samsung Gear. Though gaming has been a significant contributor to VR's growing popularity, its potential for other widespread applications is largely untapped. It is a growing sector, though, with tons of innovation is coming down the pipeline. A Galaxy Note phone with the resolution and power to provide a fantastic VR experience could be a game changer.


The S Pen returns for the Galaxy Note 8

The S Pen stylus has been a hallmark of the Galaxy Note line for some time, and it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. In fact, a patent application filed by the company shows a stylus that features a built-in speaker. While it may not make it onto this model, we can guess at potential applications - it could be useful for recording voice notes, or for playing back audio clips. A next-generation S Pen that includes additional functions like this would be an interesting new feature for the Galaxy Note 8. Lets hope the rumors are true.


Will the Galaxy Note 8 feature a foldable screen?

Not likely! But foldable screens have been a rumored feature for years as designers look for a way to break the mold of current smartphone design. Samsung continues to show off prototypes of foldable screens but the technology will not materialize in time for the Galaxy Note 8 launch. and therefore likely won't be making an appearance in the Galaxy Note 8. Numerous leaks confirm the phone's hard-bodied design, and other rumors suggest that Samsung's foldable phone efforts focus on a new device line altogether. While we continue to hope for this exciting innovation, the latest info indicates we probably won't see folding Samsung phones available to consumers until at least 2019.


But no modular plans for Galaxy Note 8

There is no indication that Samsung is going modular with any of their latest designs. Despite recent trends - Moto Z next generation and the Essential Phone.  What this means is although the Galaxy Note 8 will be Samsung’s best phone yet, it will still be out of date next year when the Galaxy Note 9 inevitably appears.

In the space of that time new technology is launched that will not be available to Note 8 users.  Or will it? Watch this space.  We know Note buyers like to be ahead on technology and do more.  We for sure will plan to allow them to continue to add features to their phones.

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