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Samsung Galaxy S11 or S20 Rumors and S11 Plus

January 08, 2020

Samsung Galaxy S11 or S20 Rumors and More S11 Plus

The brand-new phone in Samsung’s flagship series of products will arrive pretty soon - on February 11. And that’s just about one of the only things we know for sure about it; most other details, including its name, are up in the air. That’s why we’re going to explore the main Samsung Galaxy S11 rumors right here!

New Name, May Be?

For a decade now, Samsung has utilized a single naming convention when it comes to their Galaxy S phone series. And if this trend continues, we can reasonably expect this year’s model to be named Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus.

However, certain rumors have suggested that this nomenclature may be changed in 2020. A leaker named Ice Universe posted tweets suggesting that the South Korean tech giant will be breaking from their usual tradition. It seems that Samsung may name their new phone “Galaxy S20”. They want to present this model as a break from the mold, and something of a new phone experience in the new decade. While this leaker has a pretty reputable track record, it’s not certain that Samsung will attempt such a superficial rebranding attempt. Plus, there isn’t much evidence beyond this to support such a claim.

Lastly, let’s remember that Samsung is launching their new Galaxy S model on February 11; probably not a coincidence, so we’re betting it’s still going to be called the S11.

The Looks

Every year, both case manufacturers and enthusiastic users alike are interested in the dimensions and other specifications of the Galaxy S model to come. When it comes to the S11, it seems that Samsung is preparing to announce three different versions. On top of that, there’s a chance they could market the next Galaxy Fold smartphone.


But when it comes to Galaxy S11 specs, there’s no reason to think it won’t be similar to the Galaxy S10. The only visible changes we predict will be in terms of the display ratio. The new model is probably going to have a 20:9 ratio, helping people hold it in their hands with even more ease. It will also be less curved, with renders pointing towards smaller bezels.


In the new lineup, the smallest phone will have a 6.4 or 6.2-inch SAMOLED curved display; it may be dubbed the Samsung Galaxy 11E. Next up, there’s the middle variant - probably just called S11, with a 6.7-inch display. Finally, the largest Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus could be called the “Ultra”, with a 6.9-inch screen.


You may have noticed that SAMOLED is not the same as S-AMOLED; this may be in reference to its newly updated display, sporting a refresh rate of 120Hz - though this is just conjecture at this point. In the case this is true, it’s likely that the phone will come with a variable refresh rate, to increase its battery life.


All three models reportedly have a fingerprint sensor that’s in-display, just like in the previous iteration of the phone. This ultrasonic sensor is rumored to come with a larger reading area, though; allowing for easier authentication. On the other hand, there’s a small chance that this ultrasonic sensor will be switched out for optical sensors. We’re quite skeptical about this, though; optical sensors currently available on the market aren’t a match for the ultrasonic variations.

Hardware Changes

The three new Samsung Galaxy S11 models will come with a newly-minted processor model - the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865; at least in the US. As for the internal storage and RAM, reports are rampantly varied; but the most powerful model might sport an astounding 12GB of RAM!


Speaking of the most expensive Ultra model, it will reportedly have a 5,00mAh battery. And the S11 and S11E will have 4,300mAh variants, at least according to leaks of Samsung specs from last year. We’d be surprised if all three models didn’t feature quick charging, as well as wireless charging options; the same goes for NFC and Power Share.


When it comes to cameras, the Ultra S11 model might come with four rear cameras; with the primary lens having an amazing 108MP and the telephoto periscope lens will have 5X zoom and 48MP. The stack is likely to be rounded with Time of Flight and Ultrawide angle sensors.


Remember, this is all regarding the Ultra model. The S11 and S11e models are a bigger mystery regarding the cameras. Again, the abovementioned Ice Universe leaker says that both models will have cameras sporting periscope lens, while the TOF sensors will remain an Ultra exclusive.

The Release Date

Samsung has already confirmed that their press unveiling will take place on February 11 of this year. There is a chance that Samsung will opt for a step-by-step release, with the phones first becoming available in their home country of South Korea, and then being released in wider Asia. It’s expected to hit the US in the middle of March.


As for pricing, the LTE phones will probably remain roughly in line with the last year’s flagships. In fact, the 5G versions will probably be less costly than for the S10, because of the 5G modems and their increasing cheapness.


In conclusion, there are plenty of Samsung Galaxy S11 rumors up and about; as you can see, with varying degrees of reliability. But while this is true almost every year, this time around even the name of the phone remains in doubt. With that in mind, we’d be remiss not saying that none of these rumors are 100% confirmed, and everything is subject to change until the February 11 announcement!

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