Samsung Galaxy S20 Rumors: What We Know So Far

November 21, 2020

As it happens when the rumors of the new flagship smartphone appear, the news that Samsung company will release its Galaxy S20 series in the near future has taken the Internet by storm!

Many Samsung fans, and other tech aficionados, of course, are eager to hear any info about this event, consequently “bothering” Google and Alexa every single day!

If you are one of such impatient people, or simply want to know whether this release is worth waiting for, then keep reading, for we have prepared a few leaks that we have heard over the days about the Galaxy S20 series announcement.

Samsung Galaxy S20 announcement

As it usually happens, first the promotional video "leaked" on the Internet, and then Samsung officially confirmed...

During November last year, information emerged that the Samsung Galaxy S20 (formerly known as the S11) could be unveiled on February 11th. A promotional video has now appeared, which seems to be from official channels, and confirms that the S20 will indeed be unveiled on February 11 during the unpacking event.

The video does not specifically mention which phones Samsung will introduce on February 11 but includes the word "Galaxy" in which the letters "a" are replaced by cubes, pointing to two announcements. The first cube reportedly represents a bulge for the camera on the Galaxy S20 Ultra model, while the second probably hints at the Galaxy Fold 2.

What to expect from the S20 series?

According to the tech media, the new Galaxy S series will most likely have three models, one of which could be folded (in width) being like a counterpart to the Motorola RAZR.

In the promo clip announcing the event, you can see how the word Galaxy is written, where the two letters "a" replace the silhouettes which are assumed to be the first (left) representing the appearance of the module in which the cameras on the new Galaxy are located, while the second (right) in the shape of a square most likely represents the new flexible Galaxy.

According to unconfirmed information, which has been circulating on the Internet for some time, the new Samsung Galaxy S phones will be 5G devices, equipped with 108MP cameras, which will be powered by large 5,000 mAh batteries.

It is also stated that the design of the new models will be more similar to the devices of the current Galaxy Note 10 series. Which of these is true, we will find out at the Samsung Unpacked event on February 11...

Samsung, by the way, officially introduced the Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy Note10 Lite phones immediately after the New Year. Both models have a 6.7-inch FullHD + Infinity-O display, 6 or 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage. The devices are powered by a 4,500mAh battery.

Un/official Leaks

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S20 phone line has been the subject of a lot of news, rumors, and leaked information lately, and the latest information where the Galaxy S20 5G was spotted may suggest the following:

  • The regular Galaxy S20 will be the smallest of the three S20 models Samsung is expected to introduce and is believed to have a 6.2-inch screen, a 4000mAh battery, and a Snapdragon 865 / Exynos 9830 chipset.
  • The device listing reveals the model number of the SM-G981U, which runs the Snapdragon 865 SoC in combination with 12GB of RAM. This is expected to be the basic memory configuration on all S20 models, but as we all know, every model from the series usually has different RAM and storage capacity.

Renowned pager @UniverseIce has announced camera details for Samsung’s complete upcoming Galaxy S20 series of phones. To his knowledge:

  • the Galaxy S20 and S20+ share mostly the same camera configurations. The main difference lies in the fact that the Galaxy S20+ will have a ToF sensor. The two phones will have a 12MP main camera, a 64MP telephoto sensor, as well as a 12MP ultra-wide camera. Although not mentioned in the tweeter’s tweet, earlier reports have suggested that the telephoto camera will be capable of 3x optical zoom and 30x total zoom.
  • The Galaxy S20 Ultra will implement the best camera system, which will consist of a 108MP main sensor, a 48MP periscope camera, a 12MP ultra-wide camera, and a ToF sensor. One of the main features of the S20 Ultra's cameras will be the so-called "Space Zoom" function, thanks to the periscope sensor. This will allow the device to achieve up to 10x optical zoom as well as 100x hybrid zoom.

According to a report by SamMobile, Samsung's next line of premium phones - the Galaxy S20 - will have displays with a refresh rate of 120Hz. The report cites an "extremely reliable source."

Rumors of a 120Hz display for Samsung's next Galaxy line were fueled by the company's release of the next generation of mobile chips - Exynos 990. During the announcement of the chipset, support for 108MP cameras and displays up to 120Hz was highlighted.

Shortly afterward, within the One UI Beta build, the option of changing the dip refresh rate from 60Hz to 120Hz was discovered. Currently, no Samsung Galaxy device of the current generation supports refresh above 60Hz, so the beta build setup was not functional.

All three Galaxy S20 models should have IP68 water resistance (up to 5 meters).

What Price to expect?

When it comes to the complete Galaxy S20 series, the Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra will most likely be available soon after the announcement. The Galaxy S20 Ultra, as the most impressive of the three, is expected to be priced at $1,300. Naturally, the Galaxy S20 and S20+ will be a bit cheaper, but as far as we can see, only a slight difference in performance between the three is expected, therefore only the slight price difference is also to be expected.

Finally, Samsung Galaxy Buds+ headphones are also expected, and they are expeca ted to have longer battery life. A retail price of $149 is mentioned, but it remains to be seen.

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