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Rumours, Leaks and Reviews for Galaxy S30 or S21

April 04, 2020

Rumours, Leaks and Reviews for Galaxy S30 or S21

Smartphones made by Samsung are undoubtedly among the finest on the market, and every time this brand schedules a release a huge cloud of dust rises up alongside tons of rumors. As soon as S21 (may also change name to S30)was announced, people all over the world have speculated what it will be like, what specs it will come supplied with, and, most importantly, will it be worth the money?

The latter is exceptionally hard to answer, mainly due to the fact that Samsung’s Galaxy S21 is among the most expensive boutique level smartphones ever to exist. It costs a small fortune and is essentially the most regal variant of Samsung’s S-series smartphones. Here’s what we know so far:

What is Samsung Galaxy S21?

Though most people would assume that the next number in the series should implicate an upgrade in terms of performance, enhanced features, and richer specs, Galaxy S21’s features remain a complete mystery. Furthermore, theorists and enthusiasts have ‘founded’ two schools of thought regarding its name – it might be called Samsung S21, but then again, others think that it will be called S20 Ultra.

Again, the name implies ‘improvements’ over its predecessor – a sequel of sorts. The backstory of how this model came to actually implicate that it will bear the name ‘S21’.

Samsung S21 backstory

The S21, or should we say s30, will be in limited supply across the world with insinuations that each market (each continent) will only sell a handful each. The reason is pretty obvious – it’s so expensive that only the wealthiest people (who generally don’t mind paying an arm and a leg) will be able to afford it.

Now, an official statement from the brand was released, stating that the number 21 stands for the best possible card combination achievable in the game of Blackjack.

Surprisingly enough, the color variations of the ‘soon-to-be’ S21 are gray, red, and green packed with the four standard symbols (clubs, diamonds, spades, and hearts), as well as a joker. The ‘joker’ card isn’t even in the game of Blackjack while four aces total, which is obviously a ‘bust’.

Extravagant design

You’ll be able to tell S21 apart from any other smartphone currently available on the market quite easily – it actually features precious stones engraved in its design, such as gold, onyx, sapphires, and rubies.

The precious metals were carefully cut, polished, and shaped, and the biggest surprise is that they don’t really show that much. Although Samsung S21 is flashy by all means, the stones themselves don’t betray the fact that the phone itself costs as much as a well-equipped sports car.

Five different style options

It’s important to note that Galaxy S21 will be released in three color options and five different style variations. The ‘Joker’ is the only ‘suit’ that features a green color while regular card suit styles are available in red and gray (diamonds and hearts are red, and clubs and spades are gray, just like in a regular deck).

Though the idea is pretty interesting and relatively innovative, there are people who think that the brand could’ve gotten away with a couple more colors; for instance, if every symbol had a different color, or at least if it was in the same color, but of a different shade. On the brighter side, all of the color and style variations look absolutely amazing.

The Joker variant will most likely be the most expensive one; it’s a unique card suit finished with a beautiful, exquisite color after all.

Release Date

The Galaxy S21 won’t be gracing our markets until next year (2021), and even that leaves a big question mark behind. Simply put, nearly all scheduled releases are postponed indefinitely due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, so even though this beautiful smartphone isn’t set to launch before sometime next year, the pandemic crisis might affect how the situation plays out in the end.

In short, most countries have issued state-wide emergencies and are shutting down factories, stores, and borders, which basically means that all ‘life’ is coming to a halt.

Consequentially, this means that the workforce will be cut short, and the same can be said for the work time of every factory that makes the parts needed for S21.

S21 Price

One of the least attractive aspects of the S21 (to most) is its price. Namely, the initial price of this smartphone was set to approximately $5,050. Most people don’t have that much cash to spend on something as trivial as a cell phone.

On the flip side, there are people who are probably bathing in money that enjoy the thrill and excitement of competing and bidding. It’s very likely that S21 will be revealed and exclusively available on special auctions. Obviously enough, the brand that puts such a high price tag wants to secure their profits instead of simply providing samples and waiting for the rest of the world to catch onto the trend.

In that context, S21’s price is estimated to start at $5,050, but it shouldn’t surprise you if at some point it reaches tens of thousands of dollars. Obviously, anyone who doesn’t feel reluctant to spend thousands of dollars on a smartphone won’t feel much different after spending a fortune on it.

Who is Galaxy S21 ideal for?

The answer to this question is pretty simple and straightforward. It’s great for everyone who can afford it because it looks absolutely stunning and unique while performing just like Samsung’s flagship S20.

However, the keyword here is ‘who can afford it’. The starting price of Galaxy S21 is approximately $5,050, but sources indicate that most S21 models might end up on various auctions where their initial price can skyrocket exponentially. That’s only to be expected, though, as the phone actually packs real precious stone engravings.

People who want a phone that holds as much value as it is expensive will find very little simply due to the fact that this smartphone literally costs a fortune.

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