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Samsung Galaxy S21 Release Date, Price, Spec rumors

December 09, 2020

Until recently, it was not known whether the next Samsung Galaxy S phones would be called the S21 or the S30, but the latest information suggests that 95% will surely carry the S21 label, and in further text, the models will be referred to as such! And not only that, the Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra are almost completely revealed about three months before the premiere! If sources are to be trusted, of course.

Release date

It has been rumored for some time that Samsung is preparing the Galaxy S21 series and that the premiere has been moved to the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021, and it turned out to be true!

Samsung should announce the Galaxy S21 series in January 2021 at the latest, more than a month earlier than usual, and in that way, it would use the advantage over the competition, which does not plan to present anything new at that time.


The alleged price for the Galaxy S21 Ultra has also leaked, which should be 1,299 dollars, or euros in the EU region, which is 100 dollars/euros cheaper than the price of the Galaxy S20 Ultra model when it was released. This coincides with earlier data leaks, which stated that Samsung will be able to produce new Galaxy S phones at lower prices. If we go with the same logic as with the previous series, the pricing should be:

Galaxy S21 ā€“ $999,

Galaxy S21 Plus - $1199,

Galaxy S21 Ultra - $1299.


Given that the source of the spec rumors is the OnLeaks Twitter account and that the data from it has always been accurate so far, there is no reason to doubt that they faked anything this time. Also, in addition to the pictures for these models, the video was leaked, and that is another reason to believe that the OnLekas ā€‹ā€‹profile has the right thing.

Galaxy S21

The Samsung Galaxy S21 seems to have a completely flat but improved Super AMOLED type screen (6.2 inches diagonal) with a hole in the middle of the top edge where the front camera is. The dimensions are almost identical to the Galaxy S20 phone, and this model will supposedly come in a 5G version, too. Galaxy S21 will have 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal memory, will support microSD, and will have two chipsets - Snapdragon 875 (premiere in December) for the US, as well as Samsung Exynos 1000, ie. Exynos 2100 for Europe and other regions.

The phone comes with a completely new system of three cameras, which are positioned as on the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE phone (seen in a new video clip), which is smaller and nicer than the one on the Galaxy S20 series and therefore is no longer boring and black, but in the color of the phone's frame. The battery has a capacity of 4,000 mAh, it charges quickly, and the 25-watt adapter will be in the box with the phone, unlike with the iPhones.

From those pictures and videos, we notice that there is a stereo speaker system, USB Type-C charging port and cable, the usual number of side keys, and a completely flat screen, without waterfalls, curves, and other burdensome curves!

Galaxy S21 Plus

What is first noticed on these models is the camera, that is, how the Galaxy S21 models (or S30, since it is not yet known what they will be called) do not have a "hump" as the Galaxy S20 series has on the camera. However, as it seems, the S21 will not solve the "swinging" of the phone, since the background will not be flat due to the camera, but it will not be as noticeable as with this year's version, which had a powerful "budget".

The design of the S20 front camera has "survived" and will be found on the Galaxy S21 models, ie the selfie camera will be in a small hole. As usual, the volume up or down buttons will be located on the right side, as well as the lock button. It can be seen from the picture that this device will have a USB Type-C charging port and cable, while next to it there will be a speaker, which we hope will be as good as with the S20 Plus phone.

Compared to the S20 Plus, the S21 Plus will measure 161.5 x 75.6 x 7.85 millimeters, which means that this device will be wider but smaller than the S20 Plus. There are rumors that the new Plus model will have a 6.7-inch display! Although no specifications are known, we can expect the following specifications from the Galaxy S21 Plus model:

  • Screen: 6.7 inch QHD + OLED display
  • Chipset: Snapdragon 875 and Exynos 1000
  • RAM: 10 GB
  • Camera: 64 MPx ultra-wide + 10 MPx main + 10 MPx telephoto ultra-wide camera
  • Battery: 4,600 mAh with 25W charger
  • Internal memory: 128/256 GB

Galaxy S20 Ultra

Just like the "younger" models, the Galaxy S21 Ultra should have an Android 11 operating system, One UI 3.0 user environment, a new generation Super AMOLED screen, a camera hole in the upper part, as well as a Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 and Exynos 1000 or Exynos 2100 chipsets. The initial configuration has 256 GB of memory and 12 GB of RAM, although models with more memory will be offered in both cases.

Unlike the Galaxy S21 model, the Galaxy S21 Ultra will probably have a screen size of 6.9 inches, but the edges are almost invisible and the curvature is minimal - we would rather say that it is the so-called 2.5D screen, rather than a curved panel, which will have those slight curves on all four sides. The devices will, of course, be made of metal, and we expect reinforced glass on the back, too.

Unfortunately, this model will have a massive protrusion on the back for four connected cameras, the primary of which will be 108 MPx resolutions and a new type of zoom and ultra-wide options. There is also 5G support, wireless, and fast charging of 25 watts, but there are no details about the battery capacity, although we would like to see at least 5,000 mAh.

Final words

We seriously hope this will be true and if additional software information is going to be as good as this, then Samsung will put out serious firepower in their fight with the competition. Do you like it so far?