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A Samsung Galaxy S6 Case that perfects your S6

September 01, 2016

A Samsung Galaxy S6 case that makes the S6 an even better phone


We all know what a great phone the Galaxy S6 was and still is.  But it does not come with an sd card slot or a removable battery. The likelihood is if you were one of the first Galaxy S6 buyers you are now needing feeling this more than ever as you will be needing more more storage and more battery life.

Now you can add all those things with the i-BLADES Smartcase. A new revolutionary Galaxy S6 case from i-BLADES.

The i-BLADES Smartcase gives you the ability to upgrade your smarpthone performance. Even though the Samsung Galaxy S6 was arguably the best android phone of 2016 it can be improved with the i-BLADES Smartcase. The i-BLADES Smartcase offers Galaxy S6 smartphone users the unique opportunity to have an even better smartphone. A phone upgrade for the price of a phone case.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 - the great


The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a beast of a Smartphone. It seemingly has it all. Its been acclaimed the best android smartphone you can buy.  See a selection of representative Galaxy S6 reviews below:

4.5 stars from trusted review:  Trusted Review's Samsung Galaxy S6 review

Best android phone you can buy:  Techradar's Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

Marques Brownlee Review: Samsung Galaxy S6 Review


What makes it a great smartphone:

Great design - It was the best looking Samsung Galaxy yet until the S7 came out.

Great Camera - 16MP rear camera, given a  DXO mark of 86 which makes it a possible choice for even hobbyist photographer.

Great Screen - 5.1inch Quad-HD with a pixel density of 577pi. Stunning for videos and games.

Great processor - 1.5Ghz, Octa-core processor with 3GB RAM - sounds fast.  It is!


The Samsung Galaxy S6 - could do better


  1. Samsung Galaxy S6 battery life

Samsung lost a lot of customers as they removed the battery and the memory. The Galaxy S6 battery is 2,800 mAh.  This is easily less than a days battery life. Some need two charges to make it to the end of the day. Its also not removable. The previous S5 Samsung battery was 2550mAh removable battery.

The poor battery life is well documented:

Techradar's Geekbench battery life test saw Samsung Galaxy S6 battery life managed to reach 6 hours 53 minutes.

Other's have noted the Samsung Galaxy S6 battery life drops 10% an hour. See Trusted Review's battery life assessment. To be 20% down before work starts is not good!

Samsung tried to compensate for this by packing in Galaxy S6 battery saving features.  But power saving mode and ultra power saving mode limit functionality. Fast charging is fast but it still requires charging no good when you are on the go. Wireless charging .... well its just slow and when you are out and about where do you think you will charge.


2. Samsung Memory

Samsung left behind their roots and left out expandable memory.  Its our firm belief that every phone should have expandable memory with all the demands we all put on memory - see our blog on this here.


3. Phone Protection

To be fair to the galaxy S6 all flagship smartphones need protection if you want them to last. Samsung did a reasonable job with the materials of the Galaxy S6. A metal chassis and Gorilla glass 4. But it ideally needs the protection of a Samsung S6 case.


Your choices to improve the Galaxy S6


Choice 1 - Do nothing and wait to afford an upgrade.

A sad choice as you probably loved your GS6 when you bough it. But over time your battery will drain even faster and you will potentially break the scree.  Or your memory continues to fill up. Sadly the love for your S6 will definitely die.

Choice 2 - Improve protection and buy a mobile phone case.

Get a Galaxy S6 case to protect it.  There are hundred’s of Galaxy S6 phone cases on offer.  Here are a selection of some of our favourites:

Samsung S6 case selection Digital Trends: 30 of the best Samsung S6 cases

Samsung S6 case selection CNET: Best Galaxy S6 cases

This option means you will have a phone that lasts for years but it does not last a day in usage!


Choice 3 - Improve battery life. Get a battery pack or battery case.

Again there are many to choose from. Here are a selection from Android Headlines Samsung Galaxy S6 battery packs.

But what use is power if you drop your phone? You would still need a Samsung S6 case. But you have the option of a battery case perhaps a Mophie S6 battery case, or Incipio S6 battery case.  But the big issue with this is battery cases do not solve the problem? They make your Galaxy S6 change from elegant to ugly.


Choice 4 - upgrade your GS6 with an i-BLADES Smartcase

A Smartcase is:

A Galaxy S6 case that protects.

A Galaxy S6 case that improves your Samsung battery life by 12 hours (or more if you have additional Smartblades).

A Galaxy S6 case that give you back expandable memory with the microSD that Samsung threw out.  Plus it comes with an additional 64GB.

A Galaxy S6 case that allows you to add the extra functions when you need them with attachable smartblades.  Remove them when you do not.  But always keep your phone protected.


The i-BLADES Smartcase is more than a mobile phone case. It brings the Galaxy S6 to perfection. Stacking Smartblades together and charging them all at once could even give you the longest lasting smartphone on the market.

Amobile phone case can improve one of the best smartphones on the market.  Now that is a mobile phone case revolution.