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Samsung Note 20 Mystery, Rumours, Leaks, Release Date, ++

April 04, 2020

Samsung Note 20 Mystery, Rumours, Leaks, Release Date, ++

Samsung Note 20 – What we know and what we should expect

Samsung is, without any shadow of a doubt, one of the biggest names in the industry of smartphones; every single model they have launched in previous years was followed with massive success, and now they’ve announced that they will release the brand new Note 20 in August this year.

Although most of the details are still a mystery, rumours and leaks are sprouting by the minute, so let’s see what you should expect from the Samsung Note 20.

Name revamp

First and foremost, the reason why looking up for clues about Samsung Note 20 is so difficult is because the brand has revamped a couple of their models; the revamping of names is tied to the Galaxy S series in particular, but Note models seem to be following in suit.

Samsung originals and ‘pluses’

Nearly all Samsung Note smartphones that have been released so far featured an ‘original’ model and a ‘plus’ model coming out at approximately the same time. For instance, the Samsung Note 10 was followed with Note 10+, so it’s pretty safe to say that this year will be no different – we will get a Note 20 and a Note 20+.

However, it’s important to note that this is not an official statement; it’s just a speculation based on something that can be regarded as a ‘tradition’ of sorts.

It’s also very possible that even a third iteration will grace the market – the Samsung Note-20 Ultra. These ‘Ultra’ versions often appear for milestones, which Note 20 most certainly will be.


Sadly, there are only rumours that could be attributed to ‘wishful thinking’ in regard to what the design of Note 20 is going to look like. There is not any official information, leaks, or even hints given at past conferences that could give us any clue whatsoever.

Even so, brewing up a couple of educated guesses shouldn’t be too hard. After all, Samsung models all look relatively similar, even though it’s the details that make them different is what we all love about them.

The consistency of Note smartphone’s design is a fertile ground for ideas on its potential outward appearance. It’s true that the Note 20 will most likely be Samsung’s new flagship model hence it is possible that something completely new will emerge out from it, but due to the fact that there is a possibility that Note 20 will actually be called Note 11, it might as well be just an upgrade of the Note 10.


Just like the situation with the design of Note 20 is, there aren’t many hints and indications about what the specs should be either.

Again, Samsung’s phones have been consistently equipped with the same technologies (although improved) over the years, so we can safely assume that there will be certain features supplied to this model that we have seen before.


Note smartphones are all almost exclusively equipped with Qualcomm CPU units. This means that Samsung’s Note 20 is going to feature the infamous Snapdragon 865 processor. This is just a speculation, though; it is possible that the version of this CPU is going to be different, but we can conclude with utmost certainty that it will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon.


Predicting how much RAM a Samsung phone will sport is always tricky; given the fact that Note 20 will be regarded as a boutique top-tier smartphone, we suspect that no less than 12 gigabytes will be onboard.


Lastly, let’s briefly touch on the subject of storage. Samsung Note smartphones aren’t particularly ‘big’ in terms of storage space, although they all share the same amount of base storage, with a couple of exceptions – 256 gigabytes. A piece of leaked information indicates that this year’s Note version will be supplied with slightly less – mere 128 gigabytes.

Even though 128 gigabytes is not synonymous with ‘low storage’, it’s only half as much as the standard for high-quality smartphones.

Release date

Samsung representatives haven’t issued an official statement regarding the release date of their new Note smartphone, although it’s almost perfectly clear that we can expect it to come sometime in August this year.

Evidently, the past four Note smartphone launches all happened during late August and early September, so again, there’s no reason why they would feel inclined to break that tradition now.

Actually, there is just one reason that might potentially delay the launch by days, weeks, or even months – the recently announced pandemic.

Samsung Note 20 release and Coronavirus pandemic

Samsung Note enthusiasts have been patiently waiting for this smartphone to come out for months, and now it’s possible that they will have to wait a bit more due to the pandemic. There are two schools of thought regarding how the pandemic might affect the launch date of Note 20.

Firstly, the entire world is sealed shut with only the main facilities operating in nearly all cities, villages, and rural areas. Due to the fact that most countries have declared martial law that states that meetings of no more than five people are completely prohibited, it’s pretty safe to say that press conferences won’t be happening either hence Note 20 can’t follow through with a proper launch ceremony.

On another hand, new reports indicate that the virus can’t survive hot climates and weather. This means that the pandemic should be completely wiped out as soon as summer starts knocking at our doors. In this scenario, Note 20 should be able to come to the market on time.


Galaxy Note smartphones from 8 to 10+ are all boutique-level models in the price range of approximately $900 to $1100. Given the fact that this new model will come supplied with a relatively familiar set of features, a possibly improved display, and even potentially enhanced technologies, it’s only wise to assume that it’s going to be pretty expensive.

Pinpointing the exact price mark is nearly impossible due to the scarcity of information, but what we can conclude is that it is going to cost at least a grand.

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