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Samsung S21, Pixel 5 & iPhone 12: Which one has the Best Signal Reception

January 28, 2021

In the following article, we will discuss the signal reception of the Apple iPhone 12, the Pixel 5 device, and the new Samsung S21. This is an important factor that can be a deal-breaker for many users. So without any ado, let’s talk smartphones!

Apple iPhone 12

With the introduction of the iPhone 12, the signal reception has proven to be much better than with the previous models. The 5G network is incredibly fast, the signal range is quite good, and overall, the iPhone 12 arguably has had the best signal reception so far. But…

Apple has encountered several problems regarding the latest iPhone models. It's as if history is repeating itself, and old problems are returning, and not the problems from just the previous generation of phones, but going back even from the iPhone 4 model. If you are unfamiliar with the Antennagate affair, click on that word to find out what it is about!

As numerous portals have reported, users of the new iPhone 12 phone have a big problem connecting to the 4G and 5G network. An announcement appeared on the official forum of this company, which informed Apple about this problem, and judging by the comments, this was not an isolated case, but a good part of the users cannot use their phones with 4G and 5G networks. And on social networks such as Reddit, iPhone 12 users have reported that they are losing the signal, saying the signal strip has completely disappeared.

One of the users who have made complaints encountered this problem on his iPhone 12 Pro phone while driving, and even the fact that he changed from LTE to 5G Auto did not help him regain the signal. He then restarted the setup network and then the complete iPhone, but nothing helped him.

Mobile operators Verizon and AT&T have confirmed that the problem is not up to them, one user from Australia pointed out that Vodafone has the same problem, although it never happened to him while using the iPhone 11 Pro.

If Apple manages to fix these occurrences, they will be perfect in this field.

Google Pixel 5

Since the launch, Google’s Pixel 5 has had many bugs and issues, and signal reception was one of them. Although many issues with the signal have been fixed with constant updates, the signal range still can’t keep up with the iPhone 12.

Despite all that, I would expect it to offer 5G support out of the box, at least in areas where the operator offers 5G connectivity. However, users in the US and many other countries have complained that the Google Pixel 5 does not connect to the 5G network, although it is a 5G smartphone.

Affected Google Pixel 5 owners have taken to the official Pixel help forum and other online forums to complain that their device is not connecting to the 5G network. A customer wrote on the Pixel help forum that he is using the Pixel 5 in Switzerland and cannot use the 5G network. Samsung devices get the 5G signal there, but the Pixel 5 does not.

But the problem is not just limited to Swiss customers. Pixel 5 owners of major US telecom operators are also unable to connect to 5G. The operator said to one user that he had received a 4G SIM and sent it to a nearby store to get a 5G SIM. But it did not work. AT&T users have had a similar experience. Many customers had received 4G LTE SIMs with their Pixel 5.

Google did put out many updates over time, as stated, many of which have solved numerous problems. But problems with signal remain to some degree as we can see new complaints even today.

Samsung Galaxy S21

Finally, the Galaxy S21 series is out! But will it make fixes to notorious connection problems that Samsung is dragging over the years?

Many users have been reporting the loss of coverage and low signal intensity, inconveniences that a high-end that has just hit the market at the time should not suffer. We are not talking about isolated cases, as it seems that a large number of users are experiencing similar problems. We can find posts on Reddit, even on the official Samsung community blog.

Some people have constantly been finding methods that improve the signal strength their devices receive, processes that have to go through updates, and a factory reset. We found a post talking about it on the Sprint blog, one of the largest carriers in the United States.

The problem does not only lie in the fact that tasks as simple as carrying out an internet search or browsing through our social networks are slow. Not having enough intensity, devices are constantly looking for better signal quality, which is a significant pressure on the battery.

It seems like the Galaxy S20 series has had the least problems, which is quite understandable. The S21 series has more or less similar connectivity, with the biggest inclusion of all – the 5G connectivity. So far there have been no connection issues with the S21, which means that Samsung has finally managed to get out of the endless pool of connectivity problems. Or at least we hope. A flagship that has just gone on sale with a price of around 1000 dollars should not fail in aspects as important as the connection, and for the first time ever, it looks like this is the case.

While it may be still early to talk about this, it seems that Samsung will have the best signal reception on the market. Being the latest flagship phone ever, this should not surprise anyone. Plus, the S21 series IS just an improved S20, If you want to boost it up a notch, make your S21 an even better phone, you can find the i-Blades smart case that both protects and improves the specs of your S21! Check out top quality products to protect your new Samsung S21 here.

Final verdict

When everything is put together – the signal range, signal strength, network quality, problems that may occur, the simplicity of fixing those problems, etc., it seems that Samsung Galaxy S21 is the best phone that you can buy.

There are no problems whatsoever so far, problems with connection on Samsung devices are generally always easily fixed, and this is an improved version of the previous series which already had great signal reception. The next one is Apple’s iPhone 12 which probably has the best signal range, but not network connection quality, and on the third spot is Google’s Pixel 5, which is still fixing the problems it has.