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Samsung S22 Release Date, Price, Specs

November 12, 2021

Even though Samsung’s S21 series was top-notch, with three fantastic phones hitting the market at once, the sales were surprisingly atrocious. Did this happen because the S21 series offered just a bit more than the previous one while having the same price tag?

Whatever the reason, Samsung has a chance to learn from their mistakes and present something unique this time (especially if I was right). The S22 series will come soon and various rumors and leaks are circulating over the internet.

Here are some of the freshest rumors to build up the anticipation.

Release date

Samsung is known to hit the market with their new smartphone products early in the year, and so far we have had February as the preferred month. This time, it seems that the S22 series will be announced a few days or weeks earlier, and people will be able to buy these phones in January 2022.

The exact date is still not definite but some sources claim the announcement will take place on January 28. Therefore, don’t spend all your savings on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The sound quality that these stereo speakers offer is great at medium and low volume levels. Everything over 2/3 of the maximum volume level distorts the sound a bit.


Speaking of spending, the definite cost of these three models is still unknown as well. I would usually say it will most certainly be the same as the previous series because that is how it goes in the smartphone market. But we’ve seen how Samsung has lowered the price tag for the S21 series by around 200 dollars so when it comes to this company, all is possible.

Be that as it may, these new models will bring new features, and for that, you need to invest in production. My opinion, which is pretty much shared across the globe, is that the S22 series will have the same price as the previous one. That being said, we can expect that the regular S22 model will cost $799, S22 Plus $999, and, of course, the most powerful of the three will be the most expensive one – S22 Ultra should come with a $1,199 price tag.



The general aesthetics of the S22 series will be a bit different when compared with the S21. According to some leaked rendering photos, the design of these three models will be more similar to the Note series than to the S series. Many people have argued how the Note series look much more dashing and classy, and if you are one of them, it's time to get excited.

On a side note, and speaking of the Note series, there were some rumors about how Samsung will merge the Note and S series into one, creating the ultimate Samsung smartphone experience. This will hardly come to pass as Samsung offers much more variety with two different series while also boosting the sales.


Back to the design. Galaxy introduced the “under-display front camera” with its Galaxy Z Fold 3, which received mixed feedback. Some think it is very cool, others think that aesthetics should not come before quality (the Z Fold 3 front camera had much lower image quality results). It is rumored that Samsung has been working hard to improve the camera quality, and if they had managed to do so, we can definitely expect the “hidden” front camera.

The main camera will probably come with 4 different sensors and will take a lot of space on the rear. Some rendered images suggest the positioning will be 3+1, making a P shape on the back. It will be interesting to see whether Samsung will go for a more iPhone-like square camera design instead.


Great news! Screen sizes will be smaller!

Remember the time when companies competed who will make the smallest smartphone? With touchscreens, it was all about the size. This time around, it seems like Samsung is shrinking their phones and I love it!

Supposedly, S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra will have screen sizes of 6.06, 6.5, and 6.8 inches. Will the regular S22 have a 120Hz refresh rate is yet to be seen, but the two other models will probably have such features.

Another rumor suggests that the whole phone itself will be slimmer. This comes with both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is obvious – slimmer phones fit our pockets more easily and are great to the touch. The disadvantages come with less bending resistance and probably a smaller battery.



Not of the utmost importance, but let’s kick off with the battery, as it was mentioned above. The battery of the regular S22 model is expected to have 3,700 mAh while the S22 Plus is expected to have 4,600 (the S21 model had 4,000 and S21 Plus 4,800, so that’s a downgrade). It is probably due to the rumored slimmer case, which only suggests it to be true. We will see whether either of the rumors will come to fruition. The S22 Ultra should have the same 5,000 mAh battery.

When it comes to fast charging, Samsung has tested fasted charging up to 65W, which is insane. We can only hope they have managed to make such charging sustainable, but the chances are slim, and it is expected that the same charging speed as with S21 takes place.


According to the rumors, the newest Snapdragon 895 will run these phones, which makes one thing for certain – high processing speed! Snapdragon is constantly evolving its chips and each new model brings more power to the table. With the latest Snapdragon chip, S22 will be a contender for the best flagship phone on the market.

For the rest of the world, the Exynos 2200 CPU should be inside these phones. Again, it is the best CPU that Exynos has to offer so no problems there.


The graphics department is expected to excel as well and for the S22 series, AMD RDNA 2 is rumored to be implemented. Let's just say it's the architecture that goes into Xbox X and PS5. The fastest CPU, top-notch GPU, and 120Hz screen refresh rate – gaming experience will be insane (if all of this is true)!

Final Words

While this is all still uncertain, rumors suggest that the new S22 series will be insane! There is much hype around these three new phones and we can only hope to see it all really happen.