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Samsung S22 Rumors

November 28, 2021

Samsung has been quite active recently, especially in the mobile phone department, bringing in new and improved stuff (yes, I’m talking about Z Fold 3). Now it’s time for the next challenge – the flagship S series. Information about this series has started to overflow on the internet and we can see various rumors from various sources. Of course, these often turn out to be just a pure wish from fans or tech savvies. But some rumors do hit the spot.

Bearing that in mind, here are some of the rumors surrounding the upcoming S22 series by Samsung.

Delay of the Announcement Date?

The recent rumors regarding the announcement date of the S22 series have suggested that these 3 smartphones will hit the market one month earlier than expected. In other words, it was reported that Samsung would move the announcement from its generally preferred month of the choice – February, to January. To be precise, January 28 was the rumored date up until this point.

This week, rumors have started circulating about Samsung releasing Galaxy S21 FE in January 2022, and this would most probably mean that the S22 series will be postponed. Of course, it is possible to have both S22 and S21 FE announced together but it seems far-fetched.

Whether we will see both series hit the market in January, or just S22 without S21 FE, or simply have S21 FE in January and the S22 series standardly in February – it remains to be seen.

Ray Tracing for Better Gaming?

This rumor is probably one of the most hyped rumors regarding the S22 series to this day.

In case you have been following details about S22, you may have already known that the chips for these three models will be Snapdragon 895 (for USA and China) and Exynos 2200 for the rest of the world. Now, these chips are the latest state-of-the-art processing units and will do their job amazingly fast.

What comes with them is a serious treat – it is believed that Samsung will implement AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture. What does that mean, you may ask?

The RDNA 2 can be found in PS5 and Xbox X gaming consoles, being in charge of the graphics quality. Of course, it is silly to believe that Samsung S22 phones will be as good as PS5 or Xbox X in terms of gaming, but when compared to other phones, the S22 phones will be right at the top of the best gaming phones.

What is Ray Tracing?

In short, ray tracing refers to advanced ways of rendering light and shadow. Ray tracing is something similar to blockbusters, in which they try to create great CG animations, along with real-life scenes. However, because ray tracing works by simulating and tracking each ray of light (hence the name "ray tracing" or light beam tracking) generated by a light source, this rendering method consumes a lot of graphics and processing power. But the results are astonishing!

Be that as it may, there are little to no games with Ray Tracing available for mobile phones and so this feature might be far ahead of its time. But if Samsung really manages to implement this feature, it is certain that games will be made or upgraded to support Ray Tracing. Regardless of that, the combination of this GPU and CPU will make monster gaming phones.


When first rumors appear, rendered images come out almost instantly. Many of these are just fan fiction (as stated at the beginning) until the real deal shows up. So far, there have been several images of the new S22 series and all are identical.

If we are to believe those images, the S22 series will look a lot more like the Note series than the previous S series. Many Samsung users will be glad to hear that since the general opinion is that the Note series is much more classy-looking.

Speaking of looks, the front (selfie) camera may be “hidden”, that is, behind the screen. We have seen this with the Z Fold 3 phone, and while the results were not as good as everyone wished, Samsung has had enough time to fix this problem. In case the problem is not fixed, a standard bezel will be placed on top of the screen, as usual.

The back camera system is also debatable as images show 4 camera sensors situated in 3+1 order, resembling a letter P shape. But, having four lenses, it is much more aesthetical to have them placed in a square (something like the iPhone 12 but 2+2). Maybe Samsung doesn’t want to copy Apple but we’ve seen that happen before.

In general, the phones will probably be slimmer and smaller, according to some sources. Having smaller screens than the S21 series is generally much accepted as people got bored of bulky phones and screens that eat the battery life. Less battery consumption equals less battery power needed, and therefore the battery will be slimmer, making the whole phone slimmer and lighter as well. Great news for people with small pockets and small hands.

Last but not least – the price

We have witnessed Samsung dropping prices for their flagship phones before. Will this happen again? I seriously doubt it.

If all of these rumors are true (or even half of them), the production cost will be hefty. Naturally, the more expensive the production, the more expensive the product.

But, if you ask me if these new models will be more expensive than their S21 predecessors from a year ago? Again, I don't think so. While these phones will be much better than the S21 series, the development and improvement are completely natural. Besides, there is quite a competition on the market, and if Samsung wants to keep its place among the top sellers, the affordability must come alongside quality.

To make it short – the regular S22 model should be around $799, the S22 Plus around $999, and the S22 Ultra around $1199.

Final words

What do you think about the new S22 so far?

If the rumors are to be true, the S22 series phones will pack serious heat and will be a strong competitor for the best smartphone on the market. Will all these rumors become reality remains to be seen. We certainly hope so.