Spectacular Images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

July 26, 2018

There is much speculation about the Galaxy Note 9 its features and specifications.  There is one thing that is for certain and that is its going to be a step up from any other device in the market and beautiful.  Scheduled for a August 9th announcement.

According to 73buzz the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will have a near bezel-less infinity display and even the back will look sleek and beautiful. Packing some remarkable camera hardware.

Samsung Note 9 infinity screen

Credit 73buzz

Not to be undone a few other sites have uncovered a set of images of their own take a look at Android Headlines images of a new look for the Galaxy Note 9


Galaxy Note 9 New Look as per Android Headlines

  Credit Android Headlines

For a more tantalizing look check out Evan Blass's view of what teh Note 9 will look like. Notice the S-Pen is colorful and practical. I wonder if you get to pick any color in the future.

Credit Evan Blass Galaxy Note 9 Yellow S-Pen

  Credit @evleaks / Evan Blass

At i-BLADES we are planning on releasing an i-BLADES Smartcase that will ensure the Galaxy Note 9's beautiful lines are maintained so it looks sleek in our protective Smartcase.  At the same time the smart technology will upgrade the Note 9 making it even smarter.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 battery case


Nothing like any existing kind of case or upcoming Note 9 battery case. An intelligent phone Samsung Galaxy Note 9 case for the smartest smartphone. Find out more below.


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