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The Best Battery Case for Pixel 6 + buying guide

November 25, 2021


Due to their relatively small dimensions and the constant use of smartphones, the autonomy of mobile phone batteries is an aspect that will always be talked about. Smartphones rarely exceed one full day of autonomy in the hands of an intensive user. Fortunately, features like fast charging, wireless charging, and external charging help us speed up and make the charging process more comfortable.

If your phone is compatible with wireless charging, you will find that the accessory to charge it is not included in the box, so you will have to buy it separately (the same goes with external charging). In this wireless charger buying guide, we discuss factors to consider, wireless charging standards, and the best battery case for Pixel 6 with wireless charging.

What to consider when buying a wireless charger
Charging standards

Wireless charging is not new and unfortunately for users, there is no universal standard. As with ports, users would like a standard that allows us to use a wireless charger for all compatible mobile phones, but currently, several charging standards exist, such as Qi, PMA, WattUp, Cota...

  • The Qi (pronounced "chi") charging standard is the most popular and even some manufacturers that had opted for other standards have made their charging docks compatible with Qi. Without dwelling too much on how Qi and other wireless charging standards work, this system is produced using quite high frequencies, requiring that the coils are very close to each other and that the phone must be placed in just the right place to improve its efficiency.

  • The second most popular standard would be the PMA (or Airfuel), a charging system whose operation relies on magnetism but is less efficient than Qi. In its favor, it allows higher electromagnetic fields thanks to which the phone doesn't need to be in a certain position. Likewise, with PMA it is possible to have larger charging surfaces, being possible to charge several devices at the same time.

  • Wattup allows you to charge devices that are up to 5 meters from the charging dock, something that could truly be considered wireless charging as such.

  • Cota allows you to charge up to 10 meters away thanks to the use of wireless connectivity such as WiFi or Bluetooth. Points against it - it is an extremely slow charging system, only 1W.

In practice, the Qi standard is the majority, making it the most common standard for wireless chargers. If your phone supports wireless charging, it will be compatible with the Qi standard, so any certified Qi charger will do.

Of course, if you want to take advantage of the maximum charging speed of the wireless charger, it is an essential requirement that the power adapter you use is capable of providing that charging power.

How fast is wireless charging

What to consider when buying a wireless charger

Despite being around for years, wireless charging has caught on more slowly than you might expect. One of the reasons is the speed with which the devices charge.

The Qi standard, the most popular of them all, is capable of charging devices with up to 15W, although the usual thing is to find chargers from 5W to 10W. To give you an idea: if you are charging your phone at 5 Watts and at the same time using GPS or streaming music apps, you will discover that you consume more energy than the charger supplies.

However, there is no use if the wireless dock is capable of supplying 15W if your phone cannot charge wirelessly at that speed.


After having clear sections such as charging speed and standards, it is necessary to pay attention to the design of wireless chargers. On the market, we can find models in the form of bases, docks, mats, and chargers that combine other functionalities, such as allowing the charging of smartwatches (mainly those that charge the Apple Watch and the iPhone) or a battery case. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages:

  • If you bet on a base, you will have a compact device, but in return, you will not be able to see at a glance what is happening on the screen of your phone while it charges.

  • The advantage of the dock is precisely that: you have it in sight and you do not need to remove it from the load. In addition, certain models allow you to place your smartphone horizontally or vertically.

  • If you need more space to charge multiple devices at once, then a mat is a good idea. Of course, as with the bases, you will not be able to see the screen of the phone while it is charging.

  • However, docks and battery cases are the most common devices and those provide the fastest charging speeds.

The best Pixel 6 charger

i-Blades smart case for Google Pixel 6

If you have read the previous part, this option is ā€“ battery case, 3600 mAh capacity, fast charging.

This thing of beauty is all you can wish from a power supply ā€“ itā€™s small, portable, long-lasting, and comes with a lot of features!

Well, to be precise, i-Blades has made a combination of a protective case embedded with the top-notch Silicon Valley technology that can be further upgraded with the SmartBlade which provides additional storage and battery life. Letā€™s break it into parts.

The protective case is specifically designed for the Pixel 6 smartphone and will protect it fully from any kind of damage or harm. The case itself has an EnviroSensor from Bosch that measures the air quality in your surroundings and thus provides useful tips and info on how to improve your lifestyle. A free-to-download app is available for this purpose.

On the back of the case, there is a magnetic space dedicated for SmartBlades. SmartBlades are small round attachments that provide additional 16 or 128GB of storage memory. In addition, and more relevant to this text, these SmartBlades will charge your Pixel 6 phone up to incredible 20 hours per charge! All you have to do is snap it on the back of the Smart case and thatā€™s it!

The collection can be completed with the leather wallet that is specifically designed for this Pixel 6 case and it will further protect your phone, plus provide cash and card slots (just like a wallet).

Why we like this charging method is because itā€™s portable, long-lasting, available at all times, and comes with protection and other cool features. Highly recommended!