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The Best Pixel 4 Cases

October 21, 2019

The Best Pixel 4 Cases


The currently youngest, and arguably most sought-after smartphone Pixel 4 just came out. So numerous brands have taken up manufacturing cases specifically for this occasion. We’re here to discuss some of the best Pixel 4 cases you can find on the market, so without any further ado, let’s get straight to it.

i-Blades Smartcase with EnviroSensor® and SmartPlatform Designed for Google Pixel 4 case

Best Pixel 4 cases

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Let’s open up with i-Blades Market Innovation Smart case for Pixel 4. This is a case to protect and set up your future needs. With all around style and protection, the i-Blades Smartcase also comes with the industries only Air Quality EnviroSensor to help you monitor your environment. Furthermore, the i-Blades case gets you ready for adding future needs such as batteries, SDcards, Speakers, Screen Protectors and much more.

Check it out.!.

Spigen Rugged Armor Designed for Google Pixel 4 case

Best Google Pixel 4 cases

Let’s continue with Spigen’s ‘Rugged  Armor’ Pixel 4 case. This is an affordable and highly durable TPU case outfitted with a spider-web pattern and raised lip. Furthermore, it rocks air cushioning which boosts its shock absorption and tactile buttons that are very easy to press while still providing solid feedback.

This case is a great all-around solution for people who don’t want a compromise between durability, style, and comfort.

Matone for Google Pixel 4 Case

Best Google Pixel 4 cases

Matone’s Google Pixel 4 case model is slightly cheaper than our previous pick, but even so, it’s a good product.

It rocks bumper corners for additional physical protection, as well as raised lids that will keep your phone’s screen elevated when placed on flat surfaces, preventing any potential damage. The TPU bumpers are quite robust while the back cover is made from durable PC material, providing extra protection against bumps and accidental drops.

This case is labeled as ‘anti-scratch’ and ‘anti-yellow’, which means that the case in itself packs damage-resistant technology. One of the best things about this case is the fact that it provides a huge level of protection at such an affordable price.

Huness Google Pixel 4 Case

Next up is Huness’ Google Pixel 4 case, and it’s no wonder it’s one of the Amazon Choices in this department – it’s lightweight, cheap, and it offers several layers of bonus protection for your new phone.

This case is made from premium quality TPU material which feels soft while being durable as a wall of bricks. The back of this case features carbon-fiber and rubber materials which prevent the phone from slipping while still ensuring its durability is on point.

In comparison to our earlier pick, the Huness Google Pixel 4 case does not have any bumpers, rather it relies on sheer durability of the TPU material it’s built from. Rest assured, this case provides all-around protection without restricting access in a bit. It costs roughly the same as our previous picks.

HuYin Google Pixel 4 Case with Tempered Glass Screen

Here we’re looking at HuYin’s Google Pixel 4 case, which is oddly enough yet another of the Amazon Choices in this department. It deserves the spot, if we might add, as it rocks a very practical design and an approachable price tag.

This phone case packs a raised bezel for the fingerprint sensor, as well as front-lip protection. The openings were cut with surgical accuracy to provide unobstructed access to every possible function and port.

The HuYin’s Pixel 4 case is exceptionally durable and made from TPU material. There are no bumpers, though, which appears to be the only flaw of this model.

Gesma for Google Pixel 4 Case

Gesma’s Google Pixel 4 case is incredibly simple, affordable, and highly durable. One of the best things about it is that it comes in three color variations (navy, black, and red) – a clever idea which we believe many other brands will adopt in the following month.

This Pixel 4 case is fully scratch-resistant as it packs a raised camera bezels, as well as thicker edges (which are as tough as actual bumpers). Due to these features, this case will shield your phone from everything, from plain scratches to accidental drops and falls.

It was precisely cut to provide unrestricted access to the interface, the camera, the headphone jack, the speakerphone, the microphone, and the ports. Overall, it’s quite cheap, stylish, and exceptionally durable.

Case Bing Google Pixel 4 Case

The CaseBing’s Google Pixel 4 case offers layers of reliable protection. It’s made of incredibly soft and rubberized TPU, it rocks four bumpers on the edges, and boasts superior shock absorption.

Rest assured, the cutouts were performed with pinpoint accuracy, so you’ll have full access to all the functions and ports.  Apart from being highly convenient, durable, and affordable, this Pixel 4 case is pretty stylish as well. 

Top Ace Google Pixel 4 Case

We’re looking at TopAce’s Google Pixel 4 case. This brand followed the trend and used TPU rubber for the construction process of this case. It does not feature any bumper edges, but it compensates for this ‘flaw’ with a bit of healthy elevation and premium anti-scratch properties.

It’s available in two colors, each bringing different benefits to the table. The Matte black prevents the fingerprints from sticking onto the surface while the Crystal Clear color prevents the so-called ‘wet look’. This case is highly durable, very affordable, and almost transparent.

RioGree Google Pixel 4 Case

Let’s wrap it up with RioGree’s Google Pixel 4 case. It’s the only case among our picks that is made from silicone material. It’s flexible and highly durable, easy to put on your phone, and rocks four bumpers on the edges.

It’s a perfect solution if you’re looking for a simple cover, although it’s not exactly as stylish or flashy as the models we’ve seen so far. The RioGree’s Pixel 4 case is also highly affordable and sturdy.

Final Words

After waiting for so long for the Pixel 4 to come out, you’re probably aching to put it in a protective case already. Luckily for you, you don’t have to search far and wide for a suitable case, as we’ve already taken the liberty to handpick a couple of models already. Kick back, relax, and choose the one you like the most.

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