The Third Wave of Mobile Innovation

February 20, 2018

Mobile phone innovation has made huge leaps forwards since the days of feature phones. The iPhone was launched in 2007 and since then smartphones have become a central part of our lives. 

However, in the age of increasing personalization, smartphones can only offer a mass market technological platform with limited customization.  Now and in the future consumers and businesses are increasingly demanding to adapt the ubiquitous smartphone to their needs. This is what is driving the third wave of mobile innovation the personalization of the smartphone.  

The i-BLADES Smartcases is a device that is at the forefront of this third wave.  Providing the capabilities for the smartphone to easily evolve and adapt to micro-needs and techological personalization.



The i-BLADES Smartcase

The i-BLADES Smartcase is a completely new category of modular phone case that allows you to add new features to your phone. It performs several functions. As a foundation for its utility and usefulness it protects your phone. From here it provides a platform that allows users to add features by just snapping-on Smartblades. Upgrading their phone in a snap.



Smartphone improvements focus on the same features

The step up from feature phone to the first ever smartphone was a major leap in technological innovation and how mobile phones were used. Back in 2007 the first iPhone was described by Steve Jobs "a revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone".  It marked the introduction eventually of apps, of hyper connectivity and the move from the smartphone away from a pure telephony device.

Since that time there have been major improvements in core feature sets that were around back in 2007:

There are ever higher specifications of better screens, faster processors, better cameras.  However there has been no massive step-change in feature set or usage as compared to the step change between feature phone and smartphone. Smartphones have just become more and more powerful.  The innovation being driven by the integration of ever improving components. 

There is Phenomenal Growth in the Mobile Phone Accessory Market

Consumer are buying more and more accessories.

The mobile accessory market is growing at 8% CAGR forecasted to continue to 2014 where it will be $100bn market (source:FMI 2017). 


Consumers are choosing with their wallets to add items to their smartphones. To protect , enhance or adapt their smartphones to their varied needs.  The market is growing faster than the smartphone market. There are a number of factors driving the growth in mobile phone accessories. Fundamentally its about people and businesses wanting to do more with their smartphones, being able to use them as a device for everything.



Accessory market driver no. 1 - protection 

The market need: The smartphone has become central to our lives. Big screens and glass backs mean that protection is the largest category of the accessory market.

The i-BLADES Smartcase: Protection is the foundation of the i-BLADES Smartcase offering. A phone case that is always with you, protects your phone and provides a platform for feature expansion.


Accessory market driver no. 2 - More power, more storage

The market need: The other drivers around more power, more storage are all about being able to use your smartphone beyond its specificaitons and capabilities. New formats like 4K mean even larger content files to be stored.  Bigger screens and increased daily usage and connectivity mean even more battery life is needed.

The i-BLADES Smartcase: Power and storage are the first two features that i-BLADES is providing consumers through its snap-on battery and memory smartblade.



Accessory market driver no. 3 - Enterprise solutions

The market need: Businesses are increasingly looking at ways to use the smartphone and its connectivity and portable computing power. Either by encouraging employees to use their own smartphones (BYOD) or adapting smartphones for certain activities done previously by other types of devices - e.g. mobile retail units.

The i-BLADES Smartcase: i-BLADES has announced a partnership already to tackle security of BYOD devices.  In addition it is pursuing partnerships that will offer businesses a means to adjust and develop solutions to meet their needs.


Accessory market driver no. 4 - Desire for Innovation

The market need: Consumers have an insatiable appetite for the next big thing and something new.  Smartphones look increasingly similar. The smartphone itself has ceased to be a status symbol, because everyone has one.

The i-BLADES Smartcase: THe future snap-on features the i-BLADES Smartcase can offer are limitless.  Providing users with a one-stop device to meet all their accessory needs. 


The Third Wave in Mobile Innovation

The third wave in mobile innovation is being driven from the desire for personalization and improvements to existing smartphones.

At the forefront of this wave is a new category of phone case that offers the promise of ultimate personalization of your smartphone.  The i-BLADES Smartcase.



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