The Ultimate Samsung Note Yet to Be Released

June 07, 2020

Samsung is pretty consistent with their smartphone launches; with that in mind, we are anticipating a new release (or even two) sometime this year. We’re talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 11 and 20, which will supposedly be the ultimate Samsung Note series so far.

Various leaks have left us with semi-credible hints regarding the name, and everything indicates that the newest Samsung Galaxy phone will be called Note 20.

Samsung Galaxy Note 11 or Note 20

The last Samsung Galaxy model is Note 10, so many people assume that the next one will be Note 11. However, they completely skipped S11 by jumping from S10 to S20, so it’s pretty safe to say that the same will happen for the newest Note launch. No official information is available, so this educated guess is primarily based on leaks and, in a sense, tradition.

Release Date rumours and leaks

Samsung’s newest workhorse smartphone is expected to come out during August this year. Both Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ were officially announced on the seventh of August in 2019, so it’s only natural to assume that this year they’re going to follow suit.

Official info confirms the numerous rumours that suggest that Samsung Note 20 will be out during the 2nd half of 2020, which basically means that we can safely hope to see it out in August.

However, given the current state of things in the world due to the pandemic outbreak (quarantine, and lockdown), we shouldn’t be surprised if the date gets pushed back a bit.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 – how much will it cost

There aren’t many rumours and leaks regarding the potential cost of the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20, so we’ll have to rely on global pricing trends instead.

Thousands and thousands of people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, which means that people will be prepared to pay less than they usually would. This means that it will be in Samsung’s best interest to keep the price as low as possible.

On the flip side, this is one of the smartphones that will pioneer the 5G technology, which means that we shouldn’t expect much in terms of affordability.

Reference-wise, Galaxy Note was $949 and Galaxy Note 10 plus was $1,099 – their 5G counterparts started at approximately $1,299. In that respect, is 5G technology ‘worth’ 200-300 dollars worth of difference in price? It’s both hard and too early to say. Given the fact that all of these smartphones now cost substantially less, we do know that its cost should vary as the market tides ebb and flow.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 – how will it look like?

A couple of leaks have piqued the interest of Samsung Galaxy enthusiasts and fans, but only a couple of them actually seem credible. These leaks suggest that the upcoming Note 20 will feature standard ports and a camera configuration that greatly resembles that of S20 (domino-style).

The bottom end of the phone, according to these leaks, will feature a microphone port, a speaker port, an S-Pen Stylus port, and a USB C charging port. Sadly, we should probably not expect a 3.5 mm headphone jack, which takes out most conventional headphones out of the picture.

Volume controls, as well as the power button should be clearly visible on its left side, which will make additional space for S Pen feature; this is something that was introduced with Note 10 already, and we daresay that its functionality is superb.

What’s really interesting and important about the design and outlook of Galaxy Note 20 Plus is that it will supposedly have a huge 6.9 inches AMOLED display; this is larger than both Note 10 and Note 10 Plus (which come supplied with a 6.3 inches screen and a 6.8 inches screen respectively). The standard Note 20 is assumed to come out with a 6.5 inches screen.

Rumoured specs – how will it perform

We’re pretty certain that most people are going to love how Galaxy Note 20 will look like; its price is most likely to be relatively approachable, but how will this phone perform? Potential specs of this exceptional smartphone have already been leaked on numerous sites, so we’ll just summarize the points that most leaks agree upon.

First and foremost, every Galaxy Note features Qualcomm’s Snapdragon central processing unit (at least all US versions do), so it’s only obvious that the newest phone will have the newest processor – the QS 865. In terms of raw strength, Snapdragon 865 is slightly slower and inferior to A14 Bionic CPU that the newest iPhone 12 will have to offer.

Camera-wise, we can expect a display with a 120 Hertz refresh rate, as well as a quad-lens camera with a 108 Mp sensor. This basically means that this will be one of the handfuls of phones that will support 8k videos, as well as other unprecedented camera features.

Obviously, Samsung will make sure that Galaxy Note 20 is compatible with 5G; instead of making a dedicated and separate 5G model, we assume that every version will feature this piece of technology.

As far as storage goes, there were rumours that imply that Note 20 will feature 128 gigabytes of space. Lower initial storage space also means that we’ll be seeing microSD cards return, as well as a lower initial price tag.

Lastly, we should expect an enhanced total battery lifespan; this is also the field where Samsung has been quite consistent. Even though the new batteries might not be revolutionary per se, adding an hour or two atop the already robust performance of 4500 mAh bats will make a substantial difference.


At the end of the day, we should probably ask ourselves ‘will Galaxy Note 20 be worth the buck?’, and the answer would be a simple ‘yes’. This smartphone will be, according to rumours, the strongest, most feature-packed, most versatile and best-rounded Galaxy Note phone version that will cast a long shadow over its predecessors.

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