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Top 5 Pixel 4 Leather Cases

May 31, 2020

Google’s Pixel 4 is less than a year old now, as well as one of the strongest smartphones up to date, so it’s only natural that you want to reinforce it with a protective case. However, not any case will do the trick – leather cases have proven to be sturdier and more durable than other types while still offering the same ease of access, versatility, and flexibility.

If you’re out on the market looking for the best Google Pixel 4 leather case, you’re in for a treat; we’ve prepared top 5 models that you might want to check out, so without any further ado, let’s dive into the reviews:

Top 5 Pixel 4 Leather Cases

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 Top 5 Pixel 4 Leather Cases Reviews

Google Pixel 4 Leather Wallet Smart Case

Our first and top pick is i-Blades’ Google Pixel 4 Leather wallet. Basically, it’s an exclusive and versatile leather wallet. The most feature-packed Pixel 4 case available on the market, so if you’re looking for nothing short of perfection, look no further than this model.

This case features genuine Nappa leather and is soft and rugged as can be. Furthermore, it is the only leather wallet designed to enhance your Pixel 4’s battery lifespan by 20 hours built-in air quality sensor with the SmartBlade features. It also offers additional storage space; you’ll be able to choose from 16 to 512 gigabytes of extra space. Stay tuned for SmartBlades with premium audio, health sensors, and much more.

Basically, this leather case offers more advanced and undoubtedly superior features, and it’s only downfall is that it costs a couple more dollars than an average boutique Pixel 4 case.


  •         Made of genuine Nappa leather
  •         Features a top-shelf screen protector
  •         Enhances your smartphone storage space and battery lifespan
  •         Looks absolutely amazing


  •         Good value for money still isn’t cheap


Poland Pixel 4 Wallet Case

Our second Pixel 4 leather case recommendation comes from Polaland. This model was specifically designed for Pixel 4 and will not be able to fit other smartphones; even if this might sound like a downfall at first, it’s actually great because it means that it offers a perfect fit.

In terms of durability, Polaland’s Pixel 4 case features top-shelf synthetic leather construction complemented by the flexible TPU shell frame. Its functionality is absolutely phenomenal as it sports two extra card slots, as well as two small pockets where you can store your credit cards, photos, or ID.

What’s more, the cut-out design gives you easy access to every port and every button on your Google Pixel 4, which means that it’s drastically easier and more intuitive to use in comparison to similar wallets and cases.

The best thing about this Pixel 4 leather case is that it offers so many benefits while being one of the most affordable, yet high-quality models on the market.


  •         Inexpensive Pixel 4 case made of synthetic leather
  •         Various card slots and cash holding pockets
  •         Cut-out design for easier access to the main functions and buttons


  •         The pockets are pretty rigid; it might take some time before they become flexible

Kezihome Pixel 4 Case

Next up is Kezihome’s Pixel 4 Case. Just like our previous pick, this model is only compatible with the Google Pixel 4. It looks great and it’s available in three different color style variations, including black & brown, Khaki & brown, and red & brown.

It’s also packed with slightly more features in comparison to Polaland’s model; it comes supplied with RFID signal blocking technology, shielding you from any unauthorized scanners and cyber attacks. Furthermore, it sports three card slots and a single side pocket where you can store smaller items such as cards or cash.

What’s more, the Kezihome’s Pixel 4 case is made of exceptionally durable leather material that was specifically designed to withstand years of use and abuse. It rocks a magnetic flap that allows you to easily and rapidly open the case or close it.

Even though it’s slightly more expensive in comparison to most budget Pixel 4 leather cases, it certainly offers more benefits and advantages.


  •         Made of top-quality leather
  •         Features magnetic enclosure
  •         RFID blocking technology
  •         Features three separate card slots


  •         Only one side pocket for storage of smaller items

Snakehive Google Pixel 4 Case

If you’re prepared to spend a little more money on a Google Pixel 4 case, we suggest that you take a look at Snakehive’s model. It’s made of genuine leather and apart from looking very fashionable, it’s also laden with premium-quality features.

First of all, you’ll be able to choose from four different color styles, including black, brown, navy, and plum. Each variation looks absolutely exquisite. The brand also states that the wallet case will become even more beautiful as it ages.

Protection-wise, Snakehive’s Google Pixel 4 case features precise cutaways for rapid access to the smartphone’s main features and ports. It sports two card holder pockets and a main pocket where you can store cash, car keys, or similar tiny items.


  •         Exceptionally durable
  •         Designed with precise cutaways for easy access to all functions and features
  •         Several cardholders and a big side pocket
  •         Beautiful design, available in four different colors


  •         Rigid leather construction

Torro Cell Phone Case Compatible with Google Pixel 4

Our runner-up is Torro’s Pixel 4 leather case. It comes in Dark Brown and Black, both of which look absolutely astonishing.

This case is made of Nappa leather that boasts superior softness, durability, and of course, it excels in terms of aesthetics like no other. This phone case sports three card slots, as well as a completely separate compartment where you can store notes or receipts.

One of the best features of this case is the built-in stand feature; using it you can put the phone in an upright position, allowing you to view YouTube clips or your favorite shows more easily.


  •         Made from genuine Nappa Leather
  •         Soft, sleek, and highly durable design
  •         Available in two color styles
  •         Packed with three card slots, a completely separate compartment for receipts or notes, and a stand function


  •         Slightly more expensive than average

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