Why Otterbox phone cases protect but the future is Smart

October 06, 2016

Otterbox phone cases are popular but not SMART

Otterbox phone cases are the No.1 mobile phone case brand North America. They make a wide range of protective Otterbox phone cases and have a strong well known brand.  Otterbox even signed new representative Peyton Manning as a spokespoerson.

But think carefully about what you need before buying an Otterbox phone case.  Since your phone is one of the most advanced devices on the planet!  Most likely, you’ll have it for two years. And each day it will perform less better than the day before. Do you want to protect a phone that was at its best on only on the day you bought it?

If you have a busy digital lifestyle, like most. And you constantly use your smartphone.  Then you are more likely to be in need a Smartcase.  Rather than a basic plastic protective case.  Even if it is an Otterbox phone case.

Otterbox phone cases today

Otterbox phone cases offer a wide range of choice.  There are several different case options including the Defender series. Which are rugged and tough cases.  As well as the Strada series; more about style and leather.  Otterbox phone cases cover many phone models from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 to Samsung Galaxy S7, S6, S7 Edge to name a few.  Some allow for basic customization.  In the end, all cases’ purpose is to simply  protect your phone.

Changing Demand on Mobile Phones

Protecting your phone is important. Otterbox covers that.  But we all now want more from your phones. And those demands are growing:

  1. Most Americans uses social media 17 times a day.  
  2.  dscout‘s study learned that the average person touches their screen about 2,617 times a day.  1 million times a year.
  3. More people watch their smartphone more than TV. 
  4. 4k recording is now available on your smartphone. Most phones only have 32GB of memory. This is not enough storage. 

We all need to do more with our phones.  Demand more! More battery life.  The latest technology.  More memory.  You can’t get any of this with an Otterbox phone case.

Everything from showers to cars are going smart. Shouldn’t your phone case be smart? 

Otterbox attempt at a modular phone case

Otterbox has recognized the case market is changing.  As a result they built the Otterbox Universe case.  The Otterbox Universe Case is a case system that has add-ons.  Meaning you can attach and detach different add-ons.

The Universe case is a very clunky attempt to make something modular.  Notably, it is not Smart. It is just a system to add things on the back of a plastic case.  All the add-ons are created by 3rd parties.

There are many accessories that go with Otterbox’s Universe case.  Some are useful, some are not.  They range from tri-pods to cameras.  Many are bulky add-ons to a bulky Otterbox phone case.  The most useful is the Goal Zero Slide Battery. Adding battery life. But this is still not available and on pre-order.

Its a notable attempt at something different.   But it just does not reflect the changing smart world around us.  In summary, its a case system that allows add-ons nothing more. Granted, some will buy this Otterbox phone case.  However, it shows you cannot just move from making plastic to smart technology.

Modular phones and cases

In fact, others see the changing future.  One example is Google. They attempted to create the Ara modular phone. Even Google learned this project was too challenging. Eventually, they abandoned the Ara project. Similarly, LG and Motorola both have launched modular phones.  Allowing people to add new features. It is true, Moto Z’s features are great but they both have their downsides (read our blog here  on the Moto Z and the LG G5). Fundamentally, both have issues around phone protection.

Clearly, making phones that do more is the trend for 2016.

The i-BLADES Smartcase

It’s not just phones. The i-BLADES Smartcase brings the best of modular and the best of protection. It’s a unique product. Since, it is a phone case that has built-in smart technology.  Therefore, it allows you to do more.  You can add battery and memory just by snapping on modules to the back.  When you do not need them, snap the them off.  Afterwards, you can put them in your pocket for later.  Plus, many more modules are coming.  Additionally, it comes with its own software.  Now that is smart.

Google Project Ara alive modular Smartcase

Will Otterbox phone cases make the necessary step?

It is true, Otterbox makes strong, protective cases.  They are the leader in that field. Unfortunately for Otterbox, consumers demand more from their phones.  They may never make the transition to building Smartcases.  It is known that technology is not their area of expertise.  In other words, if all you want is protection then Otterbox phone cases are definitely for you.

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