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ManoTron™ PN5G I

  • Upgrade your smartphone with a private 5G/LTE network solution.

    The ManoTron™ PN5G I snaps onto the back of your i-Blades SmartCase to deliver a private 5G/LTE network combined with your own smartphone.

    DO MORE with on-the-go storage of up to 1TB, and the option of an SD card. Battery power is 4,200 mAh lasts for weeks and also powers the phone when necessary. The phone may also power the ManoTron™ SmartBlade® connection.

    Download the i-Blades App on your Android device to activate the 5G base station communications platform. Immediately start low-profile voice and data communications with your team.

    Combine with any other ManoTron™ SmartBlade® for a complete handheld suite of communication options (P2P, EMI Reconnaissance, MANET, Satellite, LPD/LPI and many more to come) all with the ease of Smartphone interface. ATAK compatible.

    Available for all Android smartphones and tablets. Also available for Laptops/PC.

    >Say to find out more about your i-Blades ManoTron™ PN5G I and SmartCase solution!