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Galaxy Note 10 Plus Smartcase +EnviroSensor

  • DO MORE with the world’s first Slimline Smartcase for your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. The award-winning protective Smartcase has an innovative modular design. Slimline and stylish, made from durable, lightweight, protective injection-molded polycarbonate with a smooth touch finish. Built-in micro-engineered smart technology will upgrade and add more features (battery, storage, security and more …) to your smartphone.

    Designed to provide easy, immediate access to the S-Pen.

    Purchase the powerful Turbo III Smartblade® for extra battery life quickly and wirelessly. Increase talk time by up to 10 hours*, at faster speeds than standard wireless technologies. Expand your smartphone’s memory depending on your needs from 16GB, 128GB and beyond (see pricing). Further storage expansion is possible with the Smartblade’s® micro SD slot. Snap-off the Smartblade® when your only need best-in-class drop protection. A Smart alternative to a bulky battery case or battery pack. Smartblades are stackable for overnight charging of the entire stack and phone with one cable!

    Live a healthier lifestyle with the state-of-the-art 4-in-1 EnviroSensor embedded inside the Smartcase, monitoring air quality for you in real-time.

    More Smartblades® with more SMART functions are coming soon. Check in regularly or sign up for our newsletter.

    This is a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus case that will future-proof your smartphone. Forget about getting a dumb case, it’s time to buy a Smartcase.

Military Grade Protection

Although it does so much more.  Its hard durable casing protects your phone, tested up to military spec standards.

We take 15,000 to 23,000 breaths a day its time you understood the air you are breathing. Live  a healthier lifestyle.

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