Battery and Memory Smartblade® | Battery pack + Memory expansion

Additional talk time is +10hrs, storage varies from 16GB up to 64GB. Choose the storage you need 16GB, 32GB or 64GB.
  • Maximum battery life and memory for your smartphone

    Experience an instant wireless upgrade with our stylish and ergonomically designed Turbo Smartblade®.  Lightweight, portable made from TPU in a soft touch protective rubber coating. A wireless battery and memory expansion for those with busy on-the-go lifestyles and want to avoid bulky battery cases, battery packs and wires.

    Simply snap-on to your i-BLADES Smartcase for a +10 hours battery life boost and expand your phone storage instantly and effortlessly.  i-BLADES new proprietary wireless technology delivers wireless power and data in a snap, at faster speeds than industry wireless standards.

    Select the amount of storage you want from 16GB, 32GB, to 64GB. This Battery and Memory Smartblade even comes with a micro SD card reader for further storage expansion up to 288GB (smartphone dependent). Snap-off your Smartcase when you do not need it and enjoy a sleek stylish phone case.

    Stack multiple Smartblades and charge in one go for those off-grid trips.


    Color: Matte Black

    Availability: Ships November 2017



Increase battery life without wires

Snap-on the Smartbalde to your Smartcase and increase battery life by +10 hours .  So you can talk, surf and connect more. No need for wires or unsightly battery packs and cases.  No need to stop using your phone when charging. Just snap-off when charged.

Share your Smartblade

Every Smartblade is made to be compatible with every Smartcase, regardless of phone model.  So you can share your power and memories with friends and family.

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