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BRSPT SmartBlade

  • Turn your Smartphone into an extraordinary Broadband, Radio, Spectrum Analyzer, and Push-to-Talk Solution

    i-BLADES BRSPT, (Broadband, Radio, Spectrum analyzer, and Push-to-Talk), SmartBlades are a state-of-the-art solution to eliminate PC based radio solutions, or feature-limited hand help mobile devices, to provide a broad range of high performance transmit and receive capabilities for the end user.

    Snap a BRSPT SmartBlade onto the back of your SmartCase, (purchased separately), to transform your Smartphone into an Extraordinary Broadband, Radio, Spectrum Analyzer, and Push-to-Talk Solution.

    This solution is ideal for government and military entities looking to modernize their communication capabilities, and is designed to replace multiple radios, multiple PCs, and multiple phones, all within the palm of your hand.

    There are two BRSPT SmartBlade options to choose from. The i-BLADES BRSPT 70650 SmartBlade has a frequency range from 70 MHz to 6 GHz and transceiver with 56 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth, and the i-BLADES BRSPT 10330 has a frequency range from 10MHz to 3.5GHz and transceiver with 30.72 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth

    The i-BLADES BRSPT SmartBlades are also capable of generating multiple wave forms, and high-speed Edge Computing facilitates real time BRNs, WBHF, SINCGARS, and NBWF integration.

    The i-BLADES BRSPT Solution comprises of:

    • i-BLADES BRSPT SmartBlade
    • Smartphone, (not included)
    • i-BLADES SmartCase, (can be purchased separately, or together)
    • i-BLADES Radio Smart App
    • Antennas, (2), (can be purchased separately, or together) 

    i-BLADES Radio Smart App is an Android app, and the Software Defined Platform merges 5G to Legacy Radio Networks and upgrades to 6G automatically.

    The BRSPT SmartBlade snaps-on to the back of the SmartCase to deliver advanced Broadband, Radio, Spectrum Analyzer, and Push-to-Talk capabilities in a small, mobile form-factor enabling complex software-defined solutions, with increased agility, cost savings and modularity.

    Within the compact form-factor, the BRSPT SmartBlade packs 8,400 mAh of battery power to support extended use in the field. The SmartBlade also comes with a choice of 16GB or 1TB of built-in storage and an external µSD card slot for optional additional storage.

    SmartBlades are stackable for overnight charging of the entire stack and phone with one cable!