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SatComm I9523 SmartBlade Combo, +Push-to-Talk, +Battery, +Memory, & SDcard ++

  • Turn your Smartphone into an extraordinary Global Voice and Data Communication Solution

    Snap a SatComm I9523 SmartBlade onto the back of your SmartCase to transform your Smartphone into an Extraordinary Global Voice and Data Communication Solution.

    DO MORE with the world’s first Slimline SmartCase. The award-winning protective SmartCase with an innovative modular design is slimline and stylish, and made from durable, lightweight, protective injection-molded polycarbonate with a smooth soft-touch finish. Built-in micro-engineered smart technology will upgrade and add more features (battery, storage, security and more..) to your smartphone.

    i-BLADES SatComm I9523 SmartBlade is a state-of-the-art solution that enables the critical global voice communications needed for individuals, businesses, organizations, governments, and NGOs anywhere on the planet.

    This solution is ideal for government, military, and industrial entities in remote regions with task critical communication needs, all within the palm of your hand.

    The i-BLADES SatComm Solution comprises of:

    • i-BLADES SatComm I9523 SmartBlade
    • Smartphone, (not included)
    • i-BLADES SmartCase
    • i-BLADES SatComm Smart App

    i-BLADES SatComm Smart App is an Android app.

    The SatComm I9523 SmartBlade snaps-on to the back of the SmartCase to deliver Voice Calling, Real-time, two-way messaging, Multi-Protocol, Circuit-Switched Data Connectivity, Real Time, Simultaneous Connections, and Push-to-Talk
    anywhere in the world*.

    Within the compact form-factor, the SatComm I9523 SmartBlade packs 8,400 mAh of battery power to support extended use in the field. The SmartBlade also comes with a choice of 16GB or 1TB of built-in storage and an external µSD card slot for optional additional storage.

    SmartBlades are stackable and swappable.

    * Requires SatComm Service