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Speakerphone Smartblade®

  • Turn your Ordinary Smartphone into an Extraordinary Mobile Speaker and Conference Call Experience

    Improve your sound capability for both work and play with the i-BLADES Speakerphone SmartBlade® -- a modular attachment that snaps onto the back of the i-BLADES Smartcase offering users a major upgrade to their existing smartphone.

    Snap-on unique Speakerphone SmartBlade® to a Smartcase and enjoy:

    • incredible sound through 2 Resonado speakers
    • voice clarity with 4 multi-directional, noise cancelling microphones powered by Infineon
    • industry leading battery (3700 mAh)
    • extra memory (16GB, 64GB or 128GB)
    • SDcard slot for unlimited storage


    Resonado has completely changed the way sound is engineered.  Its proprietary Flat Core Speaker architecture gives you a clearer sound that carries further -- providing an immersive sound experience everywhere you go.

    The Infineon XENSIVTM MEMS microphones offers crystal clear audio sound, extended pickup distance and sensitivity to both soft and loud signals --  giving you a sense of hearing where ever you go.

    The Speakerphone SmartBlade® delivers up to 10 hours more battery life for those moments when you need more power.  Just snap-on and charge.

    Free up phone storage with this SmartBlade®'s storage capabilities.  Select 16GB, 64GB ot 128GB of additional internal storage expanded even further with the SDcard slot for unlimited storage.

    The i-BLADES Speakerphone SmartBlade® is the only way to conference and listen on the go.


    * * * Projected Availability:  July 2020 * * *


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More power and more storage

All SmartBlades add extra battery life to your smartphone as well as extra storage.  Storage is built-in and expandable with an expandable micro sdcard slot.