Mobile devices and functions supported by i-BLADES Smartcases and Smartblades

What models and makes of smartphones are you currently supporting?

We are launching with the Samsung S6 cases first. We will be announcing new models shortly. Note it’s just the Smartcase that is unique to a phone model, the Smartblades are swappable and interchangeable.

Our intention to offer Smartcases across all operating systems. Our Smart App will work on any smartphone we design for.

When will you be launching new Smartcase for new models?

We plan to offer Smartcases for all the major smartphone flagships and tablets. We will be rolling our new models over the next few months. You can sign up here for updates on new models and other information and offers.

Do you support tablets?

It is our intention to produce cases for tablets as well as smartphones. You can sign up here to be first to know when tablets are available.

What Smartcases can I use my Smartblade on?

All i-BLADES Smartcases can use any Smartblade. So you can share Smartblades with those that have Smartcases. Note for the memory functions each Smartblade has a public area and a private area that you control accessibility.

What Smartblade functions do you plan to offer?

We are currently providing battery and memory in one form 1800mAH and 64GB memory plus a microSD card as we heard that was what was a big pain point. Our intention is to bring our new Smartblades that are compatible with your smartphone. We are looking at all areas from new sensors, health, travel, more battery options, more memory options, camera, audio etc.. Sign up here to stay updated.

What colours or materials do you use?

We are currently offering only black but that is because we are just ramping up our production facility. The intent is to offer a range of colours and materials

Questions around general functions and phone performance

How does it work?

We think its magic but… Proprietary connectors and electronics to make it happen.

What do I need to do to make it all work?

Just put your phone in the phone case and then snap on the smartblade. You will be asked to download the free Smart App from Google Play. Once this is installed the Smartcase and the Smartblade do the rest. If you want to adjust the settings you can do so in the Smart App.

Do I have to take my case off to do anything I would normally do with it on?

No we have designed the Smartcase so it will protect your phone but it will not affect how you might use your phone. Other similar cases do not allow you to use right-angled headphone jacks (often with the over the ear headphones) but we have accounted for that in the design.

Is there an application that runs with i-BLADES Smartcases?

Yes there is. The i-BLADES Smart App is the application that runs on your smartphone and controls the functions of your Smartblades. You can adjust the settings if you prefer to customise the functions.

How many Smartblades can I attach and stack to the Smartcase at one time?

We have designed our stackable Smartblades to stack infinitely or snap on and snap off on the fly. Of course it’s all up to you to determine how many fit comfortably as you use your phone.

Will the Smartblade fall off?

No. The magnetic connection that holds the Smartblade to the Smartcase is very strong. We have had to create a quick release slot to help people take off the Smartblade. The snap on mechanic will last for millions of cycles its very robustly designed.

Does the Smartcase affect the functions of my smartphone?

The Smartcase snaps-on with magnets. They do not affect any Wi-Fi and 4G functions on your smartphone. You may not be able to wirelessly charge or use NFC features to their fullest.

What is the compatibility of i-BLADES in countries outside the U.S.?

i-BLADES Smartcases are fully compatible with smartphones supported worldwide.

Questions around Smartblade battery function performance

Do I need to charge my phone and i-BLADES Smartcase separately?

No. You can charge your phone and Smartcase with blade together at the same time, or you can choose to charge them separately. You may choose to have multiple Smartblades charged for quick on the fly swapping of power. We have designed Smartcases so you don’t have to change what you’re already doing.

Does the Smart Battery Blade work seamlessly with my phone’s battery, do I need to do something?

The Battery Blade runs seamlessly with your phone’s power and is automatically self-managing so you don’t even have to think about it.

How quickly does the Smart Battery Blade charge?

The Smart Battery Blade uses Lithium Ion technology and charges at the very same rate as your smartphone.

How do I know my Smart Battery Blade needs charging, and how do I know when it is fully charged?

The i-BLADES Smart app will tell you. It will send you alerts so you know you need to power up and recharge.

Questions around Smartblade Memory function performance

How much memory does the Smartblade provide?

The Turbo Elite Smartblade comes with 64GB of memory. 32GB is built-in secure storage and we are offering currenty an addtional 32GB that you will get from a removable microSD card inserted into the Smartblade microSD slot. You can increase the memory further by purchasing an additional higher memory microSD card.

Can you access files without your phone?

You can access and transfer files from your Smart Memory Blade to a laptop or desktop using the USB cable that comes with the Smartblade.

How is my data protected?

Each Smartblade, including the Smart Memory Blade, has a public portion and a private portion on it. So it’s up to you as to how and with whom you share the various sections. If you do lose a Smartblade, only the “public” portion is viewable. Privacy policy?

Questions around warranty and return policy

How long do I have to return my Smarcase?

If, for whatever reason, you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you can return it to i-BLADES within 14 calendar days of receipt of item(s).

What kind of warranty do I get on my i-BLADES product?

All new i-BLADES products carry a one-year Limited Warranty from date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship.. For more information please read our Warranty Policy.