No more battery cases
or portable battery packs

Intelligently improve smartphone battery life with an i-BLADES Smartcase

Make your smartphone battery life the longest lasting and keep your sense of style


This smartcase for phones makes plain old battery cases obsolete


The i-BLADES Smartcase solves two of the biggest issues with smartphones today: how to improve battery life? how to protect your phone?

Why the i-BLADES Smartcase should be your choice to improve smartphone battery life

There are a long line of battery cases, battery covers and battery packs from Mophie, Incipio, Energiser, Apple, Samsung to Otterbox that have tried to address the problem to improve smartphone battery life. But all fall far short in providing the ideal solution. None can match the POWER and FLEXIBILITY you get with the i-BLADES Smartcase.

For you phone battery life should be a temporary issue

You only need extra smartphone battery life in those moments you are running low on battery.  Ideally you need to charge on demand.  Not a permanent addition like on most battery cases.

You need a flexible solution

Some days you may need an extra full charge, others you might only need enough juice to get you home. However, battery cases offer you a fixed solution.  It may suit your some days but not others.

You care how your phone looks

Having a stylish smartphone is important to you.  Why put a battery on the back of your phone permanently ? When you only need it occasionally.

You need more than power

You live a busy lifestyle. More battery life is only one thing you need. You need more from your smartphone. More memory for more photos, videos. One case offering battery life is limiting.


Slim low profile protective Smartcase

That is why at i-BLADES we have designed a next generation phone case that offers you the ability to:


  • Remove and attach power easily for on-demand charge.
  • Charge once for up to 10 times battery life by stackable charging. Giving you the best smartphone battery life available.
  • Maintain sleek lines of your phone without battery in a low profile case.
  • Adjust and extend battery life by stacking and simultaneous charging of Smartblades.
  • Easy portability as you can carry Smartblades stacked and they are easily pocketable.

Smartcase with Smartblade on


For your lifestyle

Style Intelligence Performance
Protection Freedom

Battery life when you need it

smartblades stacking
To provide battery life you need

Expandable to your needs

More functions can be added

Battery life is one of the biggest issues smartphone users face today

Alongside protection, phone battery life is one of the biggest issue facing smartphone owners everywhere.  Not only when you buy a new smartphone but as your phone gets older it loses its charge and battery life declines. There is a huge choice of power packs, battery covers and battery packs you can choose from.  Make sure you make an informed choice that meets your needs. You need more than to just improve smartphone battery life.


i-BLADES Smartcase offers
something different to battery cases

See below a side-by-side comparison of the i-BLADES Smartcase with standard/traditional battery cases

Phone protection levels

Traditional Battery case: Provides all round protection
I-BLADES Smartcase: Provides all round protection

Level of functionality

Traditional Battery Case: Mainly one function only offered. Buy the case and you are stuck with only a battery solution.

I-BLADES Smartcase:  You buy a Smartcase that has built in multi-function/modularity. Battery is just one of the many possible solutions.

Bulk factor for your phone

Battery case: You will need to keep the case permanently on as you do not know when you will need battery life.  Its not easy to take off or carry separately.

I-BLADES Smartcase: The Smartcase provides your always on protection. The Smartblades are removeable and portable.  So no need to bulk up your phone permanently.

Improve smartphone battery life to your needs

Battery case: Buy one case and you have a fixed amount of battery life. No way you can enhance this if you need.

I-BLADES Smartcase: You are able to continually adjust and improve your smartphone battery life by adding new Smartblades. No need to ever run out.

Ease to access phone functions

Battery case: Not usable for many makes of headphones. Adapter required or need to be removed to listen to music. Do not support right angled headphone jacks

i-BLADES Smartcase: Designed with the user in mind and to give access to all phone functions. Including making it easy for right angled headphone jack headphones to be used with the case on.

Read more about why battery cases will not solve your problems on our blog:

Latest Mobile News: Battery Cases do not Solve Battery Life Problems

The latest smartphone news is not that battery life is a problem, it’s that today’s battery cases are not solving the problem.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S6, iPhone 6, or other phone model, its old news that battery life is a problem. Samsung and Apple have even admitted it by bringing out their own battery cases for the Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6. There are a long line of battery cases from Mophie, Incipio, Energizer to Otterbox that have tried to address this problem. But all fall far short in solving the problem.

No one buys a slim expensive smartphone just to have a permanent battery pack attached! The uproar surrounding Apple’s battery case is a good example of how far away all these battery cases are to providing a desirable solution. But smart technology combined with case design can now offer consumers a real solution to problems of battery life.