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Innovation dead future modular accessories

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The mobile news – smartphone innovation dying

…Long live smart accessories and cases

The latest mobile news is that there is no news.  You will have to wait another year to hear more of the same. Smartphone innovation has ground to an inevitable halt.  The key to reversing this has to be putting innovation back in consumers hands so they can customise their own smartphone experiences. This can be delivered through modular phone or modular phone cases.

The magician’s sleight of hand

MWC, normally a bell-weather of the state of the mobile industry, provided a classic example of the age-old magicians trick of deception.  Get people to focus on something in one hand hoping people will not realise what is happening in the other.  The difference between magicians and smartphone manufacturers is magicians just use sleight of hand.  Smartphone manufacturers spend millions to distract everyone’s attention from the truth. This year Virtual Reality was the expensive distraction – and Mark Zuckerberg.

The ultimate distraction trick – anyone watching what we are doing with smartphones?


Smartphone manufacturers stifling innovation

Innovation in smartphones has been slowing for some time.  But the lack of smartphones this year is striking.

Samsung S6… oh I mean S7 set the scene. Faster processor, bigger screen, micro usd slot, better camera. Better design. More of the same.

Xiamoi unveiling its biggest ‘new’ feature on its new Mi5 model which effectively was a physical home button underneath the screen.


The modular smartphone points the way forward

The most headline-grabbing phone from MWC was the modular smartphone–the LG G5.  It made headlines as it’s a complete rejection of the way smartphone innovation is being stifled by handset manufacturers.

LG in a small way is opening up a closed ecosystem and allowing consumers choice and ownership to customise feature and add enhancements at their own rhythm – no need to wait for the smartphone manufacturers and their planners to decide what you need.

Why the solution has to be modular

The fundamental problem is many people have many different needs globally.  One device planned by one group of people in a manufacturer cannot serve the needs of people today.  Look at how apps have had to evolve.  The time has come to break the mould and move to a modular phone approach. But right now dismantling your smartphone might be a bit scary for some people.

The i-BLADES Smartcase is a modular phone case that will allow you to increase the performance of your smartphone ( It’s time to accept that smartphones are not going to get any smarter.  But your case sure can! Now that is real mobile news.

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