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i-BLADES and IdeaNova Deliver “On-the-Go” Entertainment

By January 7, 2016Latest News
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i-BLADES and IdeaNova First to Deliver “On-the-Go” Entertainment to Consumers using Smartcases

New platform will be showcased at CES 2016

CES 2016, Las Vegas, NV, January 7, 2016
i-BLADES, Inc., creator of the world’s first Smartcase, and IdeaNova Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of inflight entertainment and video playback systems in aviation industry, have introduced a mobile content platform that for the first time gives consumers movies and TV shows without having to stream or be connected to the Internet, but simply by using a smartphone case. IdeaNova is providing a content distribution system for secure playback of offline video for the i-BLADES Smartcase, a revolutionary expansion platform that adds new functionality to smartphones through easily attachable and detachable Smartblades. Now, “on-the-Go” consumers can use a smartphone case to enjoy the entertainment options they have come to expect while traveling.

Aimed at media companies and movie studios, the new platform provides the first “on-the-go” movie distribution and content delivery platform for smart mobile devices. The platform uses i-BLADES Smartcase Content Blades to store up to 100 HD quality, DRM-protected, feature-length movies, which can be viewed securely with the IdeaNova INPLAY technology. Configurable up to 1 terabyte, a Content Blade can receive new content with its unique Asynchronous Content Refresh System (ACRS), which automatically downloads personalized content—movies, trailers, advertisements and promotions—based on user preference settings and viewing habits. Plus, each Content Blade provides additional storage for user-generated content, such as photos and videos.

“As the only Smartcase to deliver content to consumers, i-BLADES offers media and entertainment companies a new packaging and distribution platform that is extremely secure and a highly effective way to reach mobile consumers,” said Jorge Fernandes, CEO of i-BLADES. “Pre-installed HD quality movies on i-BLADES Content Blades offer grab-and-go convenience for consumers—no wait time for downloading movies, no interruptions to video playback caused by weak network coverage and no need for a Wi-Fi or cellular network connection as a condition for viewing. This partnership exemplifies the effectiveness and diversity of solutions that can be delivered to market rapidly and efficiently when you have a world-class organization like IdeaNova leveraging the i-BLADES Smartcase Platform.”

“IdeaNova is constantly looking for new and exciting platforms to bring our best-in-class video entertainment and distribution systems in convenient and easy-to-use mobile form factors,” said Juraj Siska, CTO and Co-Founder of IdeaNova. “We find that a need exists to provide consumers with true on-the-go entertainment, and this partnership is the first to deliver such an effective solution to address consumers online and offline viewing needs”.

The i-BLADES Smartcase with IdeaNova Technologies video distribution and playback system is being demonstrated this week in the i-BLADES Booth #80525, Tech West, Sands Expo, Level 1 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

About i-BLADES

At i-BLADES, we make Smartphones smarter. We’ve developed the world’s first Smartcase—a revolutionary expansion platform with built-in microprocessor that brings new functionality to smartphones—up to 10X more battery power and 1 Terabyte of memory storage, hundreds of curated feature length HD movies, ‘quality of life’ sensors and more. It’s made possible with easily attachable and detachable ultra-thin ‘Blades’ that can be mixed and matched, allowing users to personalize and upgrade their smartphone, tablets and other devices. With the i-BLADES Developer Program, companies can use the Smartcase Platform to create new function-specific Blades for every market imaginable – the possibilities are endless!

We’re a passionate team dedicated to building products that empower people to customize and personalize their mobile devices—configuring devices to meet unique lifestyle needs. For more information visit, follow us on Twitter @idashblades, or call us at 650.646.7771.

About IdeaNova Technologies

IdeaNova Technologies, Inc. was founded to provide integration and risk management services to clients who need expert advice and tangible results quickly. This professional service organization was established in 2008 offering a full range of services from management consulting, IT security and online video management. Our business is comprised of skilled, motivated and seasoned professionals ready to tackle your most difficult problems. Visit us at:, follow us on Twitter @ideanovatech or call us at 630 470 9477.

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