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i-BLADES on the go entertainment

Unleash mobile movies instantly with i-BLADES on the go entertainment Smartblades.

The phone and tablet smart accessory that offers a collection of movies for mobile devices in the palm of your hand.


The i-BLADES on the go entertainment Smartblade solves the issues of watching movies when mobile – anywhere, anytime. Plug in or attach to an I-BLADES Smartcase to get movies for mobile devices. No data charges. No battery drain. Watch for longer. No downloading or streaming movies required.
GB Lots of movies, no mobile memory limits. Not a single MB of phone or tablet memory used.


nodataNo expensive data charges. No downloading. No data. Movies stored in the Smartblade ready to watch instantly.


battery Watch for longer with no impact on mobile battery life. Extends viewing time without any battery drain.


buffInstant movies. No buffering.  Uninterrupted viewing experience.
The i-BLADES on the go accessory for phones and tablets. Plug it in to get an instant library of movies for mobile devices. 100’s of movies instantly.  A collection of movies ready for watching at your leisure.

i-BLADES on-the-go-entertainment Smartblade can be used on any mobile device

iPhone, Android, phone and tablet compatible

Plug in

Plug into any phone or tablet Turbo 64 Smartblade

Snap on

Attach the Smartblade to your i-BLADES smartcase. A unique modular smartphone case.


watching movie plugged in


ent on sofa2

memory entertainment benefit 3100s of locally stored movies no need to download. Instantly available on your phone or tablet

memory entertainment benefit 1Get movies on your phone HD or SD no impact on smartphone or tablet memory

memory entertainment benefit 21800mAh rechargeable battery charges your phone as you watch

Mobile movies – no data worries

An average movie is 700MB to download. An HD movie can be 4GB to download.  Streaming one hour of non-HD video and you use 250MB on average. Fine if you are on the Wi-Fi but not if you are out and about.

Currently you can download movies. But you will be faced with an expensive data bill or be endlessly hunting for Wi-Fi hotspots.

I-BLADES Smartblades eliminate data costs

Mobile movies – no memory worries

When you really want to enjoy movies on the go. You often want to watch several movies or binge on a boxset.  The problem with that is space on your phone or tablet. If you download 1 HD movie that is over 1/4 of the available space on some iPhones (when you take into account space used for the OS).

Currently you can download movies but you will use up memory fast. So it limits the movies to watch on the go.

I-BLADES Smartblades ensure you use your previous memory for other things.

Mobile movies – no battery worries

The i-BLADES Smartblade charges your phone as you watch movies.  As we know even more power is required when streaming an HD movie. You can lose battery life up to 50% faster. before you know it you have enjoyed a movie but have no power to do everyday things with your phone.

So download movies and watch your battery life drain fast.

i-BLADES Smartblade means you can watch for hours with no impact on battery life.