The World’s First Smartcase – modular phone case

The i-BLADES Smartcase is the most advanced and intelligent smartphone case ever created. It is a modular phone case with built-in micro processing technology, that starts you on a journey to having a modular phone. Customising and increasing phone capabilities in limitless ways through stylish modular Smartblades.

This Smartcase For Phones Makes Plain Old Battery Cases Obsolete“, Digital Trends read more….

The modular phone case detects each Smartblade’s function (see below). Increase battery power, increase memory, on-the-go-entertainment, wellness, iOT solutions and much more.  Start your journey in creating a modular phone.  pre-order here..


your phone

with new intelligent modular phone capabilities

i-BLADES Smartblades make your phone modular

Simply insert your phone into the low profile protective case. A connector at the base of the modular smartphone case plugs into the micro-USB port at the bottom of your smartphone. By attaching our slimline Smartblades you add that extra functionality in a modular way to your Smartcase – whether it’s battery, memory, sensors or numerous other iOT capabilities.

Importantly it allows you to add this ONLY when you need it and then you can easily clip the Smartblade off when finished. This snap on snap off function is simple to use and its the hidden technology that is what makes this a modular phone case.

I-BLADES is a modular case for your smartphone. Ubergizmo, read more..

There is simply no other case like it.



Buit-in smart technology

Built-in micro processor within protective casing. Intelligently enables modular phone enhancements.


Interchangeable Smartblades

Easily attachable and detachable slimline Smartblades. That clip on and clip off as and when you need them. Use across devices.


Easy access to ports

Access all your ports for charging and headphones with the case on. Supports right angled headphone jack.


Easy connectivity

All Smartcases are compatible with new Smartblades coming soon with universal connectivity.


Intelligent Technology

The i-BLADES Smartcase has an intelligent built-in MCU that can automatically detect which Smartblade is attached, without you doing anything. The Smartcase can tell if you have placed a memory blade on the case, or a battery blade and it will adjust the functionality it offers the smartphone accordingly.

Automatic Contact System (ACS)

Our ingenious ACS technology is how the Smartcase interfaces with the Smartblade. There are no wires or ports, just a simple copper-based contact array that is on the modular case and the Smartblade. Just bring the Smartblade towards the case and it snaps on, the magnetic attachments on the case do it all. This magnetic snap-on has been designed for millions of cycles.

The circular contact array makes a hard-wired high speed data connection, between Smartcase and Smartblade without requiring either to be touching. This ACS system is universal across ALL Smartblades making them compatible with all current and future Smartcases, regardless of smartphone operating system.

i-BLADES Smart App

The Smartcase comes with software that will load onto your smartphone which will allow you to both manage the additional functions and enjoy the content available.