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MEMS IOT platform Sensor CES 2017

i-BLADES Wins 2016 MEMS IoT Technology Showcase

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i-BLADES Wins 2016 MEMS IoT Technology Showcase

A new platform for IOT technologies to innovate and reach mobile consumers quickly


i-Blades Inc. has been named the 2016 MEMS & Sensors Technology Showcase winner for its groundbreaking Smartcase, a phone case that is an IOT platform, dramatically accelerating time to market and reach for sensor and other technologies. The Smartcase allows new technology to quickly reach mass-market mobile consumers through one integrated smartphone accessory — a mobile phone case. i-BLADES beat four other cutting-edge finalists at the annual MEMS & Sensor Industry Group (MSIG) annual conference 2016. It beat the competition because of its broader capability to accelerate and benefit the IOT and micro sensor market.

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Monitoring Air Quality Is Becoming Increasingly Important

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But most people are unaware of air quality where they are

It’s time we began monitoring air quality. People are becoming increasingly focused on healthy lifestyles. Monitoring sleep, calorie intake, steps taken.  But many do not realize that our air quality inside the home as well as outside the home is very important to a healthy lifestyle.  But until recently it has been expensive to monitor.  Plus one air quality monitor can up to now only inform you about one room.  Not much use when you are not in that room.  Also smartphones do not offer this capability – up to now.  So understanding air quality has not been possible up to now.

Air quality can impact:

  • Health
  • Sleep
  • Children and academic performance
  • Economic outcomes

Surprisingly, even newly renovated homes can have air quality issues as the furnishings can have an impact on reducing air quality.  Studies show newly refurbished homes can have poorer air quality.

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CES 2017 Wireless accessory award

CES 2017 – i-BLADES Wins Wireless Accessory Award

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CES 2017 i-BLADES – Innovation Award Honoree

i-BLADES has just announced that its groundbreaking modular “Smartcase” has won the CES 2017 innovative honoree award in the wireless handset accessory category. The world’s first “Smartcase,” is a next generation phone case with built-in smart technology that lets users add new functions to smartphones.

The new Smartcase addresses a big customer pain point due to smartphone innovation plateauing: they’re stuck with existing smartphone technology for up to two years. The  Smartcase changes all that. A slimline phone case, it lets users upgrade smartphone performance by easily snapping-on/snapping off Smartblades. Now users can improve phone performance without waiting two years–or having to buy a new phone. 

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Google Project Ara alive modular Smartcase

New IOT platform finalist for MEMS & Sensor industry award

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i-BLADES Smartcase Finalist for IOT Sensor Technology Showcase


i-Blades Inc. has been chosen by MEMS & Sensors Industry Group (MSIG) as one of the five finalists bringing new IOT solutions to market for the 2016 MEMS & Sensors Technology Showcase at the 2016 MEMS & Sensors Executive Congress on November 10.
The i-BLADES Smartcase, is a modular phone case that is an important Internet of things enabler. Its a new IoT platform.  i-BLADES have been nominated for MEMS industry award because of its capability to bring to market microelectromechanical systems (microscopic devices and sensors known as the eyes and ears of the Internet of Things). Its a new IoT platform that can get MEMs technology to market fast and to scale.  For microelectromechanical  system makers, this creates a new channel to market that crucially hits the mass market mobile segment.  It provides a very powerful alterative to the smartphone route to market, as evidenced by a partnership with Bosch Sensortec to integrate the BME680 environmental sensor. It also removes a significant barrier to IoT acceleration which is the proliferation of devices.  The I-BLADES Smartcase eliminates the need for consumers to have extra devices for new MEMs technology powered experiences. They will also not to have to wait to buy the latest smartphone to get appreciate the latest MEMS enabled experiences.

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otterbox phone cases case

Why Otterbox phone cases protect but the future is Smart

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Otterbox phone cases are popular but not SMART

Otterbox phone cases are the No.1 mobile phone case brand North America. They make a wide range of protective Otterbox phone cases and have a strong well known brand.  Otterbox even signed new representative Peyton Manning as a spokespoerson.

But think carefully about what you need before buying an Otterbox phone case.  Since your phone is one of the most advanced devices on the planet!  Most likely, you’ll have it for two years. And each day it will perform less better than the day before. Do you want to protect a phone that was at its best on only on the day you bought it?

If you have a busy digital lifestyle, like most. And you constantly use your smartphone.  Then you are more likely to be in need a Smartcase.  Rather than a basic plastic protective case.  Even if it is an Otterbox phone case.

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Motorola Moto Z Modular Phone vs i-BLADES Smartcase

Motorola Moto Z welcome to the modular phone party!

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Motorola Moto Z – A modular step forwards

The Motorola Moto Z is a great indicator that the modular movement is finally coming to smartphones.  We believe Motorola did a great job on their new Moto Z phone. They’re elegant and really thin.  And they have a nice snap-on design. But the real excitement comes from the Motorola Moto Z Mods that add useful new functions. Everything from a battery pack, to speakers. Even a Micro Projector mod that turns the Motorola Moto Z series into a movie theater-on-the-go.

However, there is one issue that comes to mind. How the heck do you protect a phone with a case when swapping modules of varied sizes and shapes? You could have a module  that makes the phone longer, or creates an odd shape, or one that introduces a camera lens where none was present before. Will each module have to come with its own case?

But, for those who want a protective case for their phone (and 75% – 80% of people buy phone cases), and those non-Moto Z phone users, there is no need to be w. Now there’s a smart accessory, a Smartcase, that will let you have your case—and new functions too. And, better yet, you can keep them (your case) when you change phones like the rest of us!

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google project ara alive modular phone case

Google Project Ara Not Dead – Support a Modular Future

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Google Project Ara Not Dead – Support the modular future

Google Project Ara was a bold move by Google to create a modular phone.  It certainly had people excited.  Launched back in 2013 to much fanfare.  Google Project Ara was designed to let users customize their phones.  But it has since been rumoured as cancelled.  This after several false starts and delays.

The vision of Google Project Ara was to offer people choice.  The ability to customize their smartphone as they wished.  There will be no project ara cell phone.  But the objective and approach lives on through others.  There have been modular phones launched.  But these will not be the route to a mass market customizable future. That role can only be played by the humble phone case.  A universal and ubiquitous accessory.  If you were a passionate follower of Google Project Ara read on.  Continue to support CHOICE.

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Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Case battery drain Smartcase

Forget Galaxy S7 Edge battery case. Get a Smartcase

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Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Case – Your Time Is Up

Considering buying a Galaxy S7 Edge battery case, think again. Up until now there have been limited choice to solve issues of S7 Edge battery drain. Options available have been a Galaxy S7 Edge battery case, a battery pack or a power pack.  A Mophie, Incipio battery case or Ankher power pack to name a few of the numerous brands.  Or alternatively a charger cable and power socket!  None of which are worthy solutions for Samsung’s most elegant and advanced mobile phone.

Today there is an alternative to the ugly Galaxy S7 Edge battery case.  Its the an new Galaxy S7 Edge phone case called the Galaxy S7 Edge Elite Smartcase.  Its a mobile phone case with a difference made by i-BLADES. It turns the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge into something even cooler; a modular phone.  There is a major  difference between this mobile phone case and a battery case. It does so much more than just improve battery life.  The modules called Smartblades, are removable.  So you have a sleek attractive case, until you need a hit of new functionality.  Then you just snap on what you need.

Say goodbye to your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge battery phone case.  Say goodbye to battery drain and battery life issues. Time to make your  Galaxy S7 Edge even more state of the art with the Galaxy S7 Edge Elite Smartcase.

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Samsung battery life best smartphone battery life smart accessory

Samsung battery life – do we really need more

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Samsung battery life – Do we Really Need More?

Samsung battery life is usually very impressive. The Galaxy smartphone line has a reputation of offering the best smartphone battery life. Its latest addition the Galaxy Note 7 has a 3,500 mAh capacity. Despite this, most of us would say we continue to need more smartphone battery life. With all our usage its rare Samsung battery life (regardless of the phone)lasts more than a day. So we find the best smartphone battery life is still not enough for our needs.

This battery life problem is having a significant impact. According to LG:

  • 90% of us suffer from the fear of losing power on our phones.
  • Battery life concerns are even having an impact on health. $2% of millennials likely to skip gym when choosing between a workout and charging their phone.

So we have a battery life crisis on our hands. That is set to get worse with new applications sucking up even more battery power. Take for example the Pokemon Go phenomenon which clearly requires more smartphone battery life.

As our demands on smartphone battery life increase, is it realistic for smartphones to meet our battery life needs? Should we find another solution. A return to the replaceable Samsung battery? Even bigger smartphone batteries? Are bulky battery packs, power packs, or battery cases the future? There are a plethora of Samsung accessories that could solve this ? But it has to be a smart accessory that will win the day.

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leather phone case samsung s6 case smart accessory

World’s first leather phone cases to make your phone modular

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i-BLADES Announces World’s First Leather Modular Phone Case

New Samsung Galaxy S7 case and Samsung S6 case uniquely combine hi-tech with hi-fashion

MILPITAS, CA, August 3, 2016. i-BLADES, Inc., creator of the industry’s first Smartcase, today announced the world’s first leather modular phone case. The new Samsung Samsung S6 case and Samsung Galaxy S7 case are designed to extend the appeal of modular phone technology. Bringing it to the fashion conscious beyond the exclusive domain of the technology enthusiast.

The Galaxy S6 and S7 Modena Smartcases are exquisite leather phone cases. They are the latest smart accessory but also made from the highest quality leather. Handcrafted from Italian full-grain black leather with striking red Ferrari accents. A designer phone case with a beautifully crafted exterior which hides the technology underneath. This is the most advanced mobile phone case available. These leather phone cases have ultra-thin built-in smart technology. The Modena Smartcase not only protects your smartphone but also allows you to upgrade its functionality. This is done through snap-on and snap-off Smartblades™. The Smartblades are modules that expand the capabilities of your Samsung S6 or Galaxy S7 smartphone. As people now need more power, more memory and new personalised functions the Smartblades allow them to add these. This can be done in style using these leather cases.

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