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Enterprise Solutions

Leverage the billion dollar

Smartphone Platform

For FREE with i-Blades






Leverage the billion dollar

Smartphone Platform

for FREE with i-BLADES






i-BLADES created an SDK platform to accelerate delivering handheld solutions to market with the smartphone as an ingredient technology.  

Because technology is moving fast . . .


and the development process is slow and expensive . . .


...devices quickly become outdated.

and the development process is slow and expensive . . .

. . . Devices quickly become outdated.


Upgrading your handheld device, or creating a new device that includes a battery, microprocessor, screen and connectivity (the same components already in a smartphone) is expensive and takes years to develop. By the time you bring your device to market, the redundant device technology you started with is obsolete.

Now you have a choice -- start from scratch with redundant technology. Or, utilize i-BLADES' Solution Development Kit (SDK) which starts with the Smartphone as an ingredient technology to future proof your device.

The i-BLADES' SDK provides you with a process to create or upgrade your solution (Cloud, App and Device ) in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost.


















Turning Ordinary Smartphones into Extraordinary Mobile Solutions




Your complete handheld solution is tightly integrated with the latest and future Smartphone (Android and soon iOS). Simply insert your off-the-shelf Smartphone into the i-BLADES' Smartcase with your Smartblade device ruggedly snapped onto the back. This package is managed by the Smartphone App (yours or leveraging i-Blades SmartApp) with cloud, security and AI capabilities as needed.

Get in touch with us to show you how the i-BLADES' SDK can turn your redundant handheld device into your future-proof Smartblade. We create Smartblades for . . .

Cyber Security, Edge Computing

Analyzers, Sensors, Extra Power

Radios, Mesh Networks, High Speed Data

Let your employees use their preferred current or future Smartphone. Outfit them with an i-BLADES' Smartcase and the Smartphone agnostic Smartblade complete with your company's data, applications and defined security features (including VPN).


Company data transfers securely between the Smartblade and Smartphone -- or, directly to your cloud.

Your employee leaves the Smartblade behind at the end of the day or end of employment, nothing in the Smartphone is impacted.

Now you have a simpler to manage,

and more effective mobile solution

for your employees.






Simply let us know your mobile business needs

-- edge computing, spectrum analyzers, mesh networks, sensors, radios, and more --

and we can create or help you create an extraordinary mobile solution for that!