Smartblade | Battery pack + Memory expansion

  • Maximum battery life and memory for your smartphone

    Experience an instant upgrade with our stylish and ergonomically designed Turbo64 Smartblade.  Simply snap-on for a +12 hour battery life boost and 64GB expandable storage.  It even adds a micro SD card reader for further expansion. Snap-off when you do not need it and pocket it.

    PreOrder: For delivery in April 2017


Increase battery life

Increase battery life by 12 hours by snapping on a smartblade.  So you can talk, surf and connect more.

No ordinary battery pack

The Smartblade is an intelligent battery pack that also increases storage space.  Snap it on and increase battery life.  Free up storage on your phone with the 64GB of storage on the Smartblade.  Expand memory even further with the added micro SD slot.

Increase phone storage

Use the 64GB and the expandable micro sd slot to free up space on your phone.  So you can capture more moments, enjoy videos on the go.

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