Note 8 Smart case + EnviroSensor

  • Turn your Galaxy Note 8 into an Extraordinary Mobile Solution

    DO MORE with the world’s first Smartcase for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. An award-winning protective Note 8 Smart cases with an innovative modular design. Slimline and stylish, made from durable, lightweight, protective injection-molded polycarbonate with a smooth soft-touch finish. Built-in micro-engineered smart technology allows you to upgrade and add more features (battery, storage, security and more. . . ) to your Note 8.

    Designed to give easy, immediate access to the S-Pen.

    Live a healthier lifestyle with the state-of-the-art 4-in-1 EnviroSensor embedded inside the Smart case, monitoring air quality for you in real-time.

    Purchase the small but powerful Smartblade increasing your Note 8 battery life quickly and wirelessly. Increases talk time by up to 10 hours*, at faster speeds than standard wireless technologies. Expand your Note 8's memory depending on your needs from 16GB, 64GB or 128GB. Further storage expansion is possible with the Smartblade's micro SD slot. A smart alternative to a bulky Note 8 battery case or battery pack. Smartblades are stackable for overnight charging of the entire stack and phone with one cable!

    More Smartblades with more SMART functions coming soon . . . Check-in regularly or sign up for our newsletter. 

  • This is a Note 8 case that will future-proof your smartphone. Forget getting a dumb Note 8 case, it's time to buy a Note 8 Smartcase.

  • * * * * Ships in 2 Business Days * * * * 

Military Grade Protection

Although it does so much more.  Its hard durable casing protects your phone, tested up to military spec standards.

We take 15,000 to 23,000 breaths a day its time you understood the air you are breathing. Live  a healthier lifestyle.

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