GALAXY S8 Plus Case: SmartCase + Enviro Sensor + SmartBlade

  • Expand Galaxy S8 Plus battery life and memory

    DO MORE with the world’s first Smartcase. An award-winning case with a unique snap-on power and memory Smartblade® included. A slimline protective polycarbonate soft-touch durable Galaxy S8 Plus case with built-in smart technology to expand the features of your Galaxy S8 Plus.

    Snap-on the Smartblade for an extra 12 hours Galaxy Note 5 battery life, 64GB storage, plus add an expandable micro SD slot. Now you can free up storage space on your Galaxy S8 Plus. Smartblades are stackable and you can charge multiple Smartblades at once.

    The case also has a built-in Enviro Sensor™ that monitors the air quality around you in real-time. So you can live a healthier lifestyle.

    Pre-Order: For delivery in May 2017


A unique Galaxy S8 Plus case

You will have bought the best smartphone on the market. It deserves to be protected by a Galaxy S8 Plus case that is extraordinary. The i-BLADES Smartcase has built-in Smart technology which means it protects your Galaxy S8 Plus. But it can also upgrade its amazing features. Just snap on the included Smartblade on the back.
The included battery and memory smartblade increases your Galaxy S8 Plus battery life and memory when you need to. Then snap off the Smartblade when you have enough power. That way you keep your S8 Plus looking sleek. No bulky Galaxy S8 Plus battery case needed.
This is a Galaxy S8 Plus case that will future-proof your phone. Forget getting a dumb Galaxy S8 Plus case time to buy a Galaxy S8 Plus Smartcase.


* estimate based on past flagship smartphones

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