Pixel 3 Leather Wallet Smart case +Battery, +Memory, +SDcard & EnviroSensor, ++

  • Turn your Pixel 3 into an Extraordinary Mobile Solution

    DO MORE with the world’s first leather wallet Smartcase for the Google Pixel 3. An exclusive award-winning Pixel 3 leather wallet phone case that is a unique luxurious combination of leather with cutting-edge technology. Protects your Pixel 3 in style. Built-in micro-engineered smart technology will upgrade and add more features (battery, storage, security and more. . . ) to your Pixel 3.

    Made from carefully selected USA Nappa leather, exceptionally smooth to touch but also durable providing first class all round protection. This Pixel 3 Leather wallet case has a unique built-in micro-engineered smart technology that allows you to snap-on magnetically extra battery, storage and even more features. Importantly you can remove your Smartblade when you just want a luxurious leather cases.

    Snap-on the small but powerful Smartblade® to the back of your Pixel 3 leather case increasing your Pixel 3 battery life quickly and wirelessly. Increasing talk time by up to 10 hours*, at faster speeds than standard wireless technologies. Expand your Pixel 3's memory depending on your needs from 16GB, 64GB or 128GB. Further storage expansion is possible with the Smartblade's microSD card slot. Snap-off the Smartblade when you only need best-in-class drop protection. A smart alternative to bulky Pixel 3 battery cases, chargers or battery pack.

    Smartblades are stackable for overnight charging of the entire stack and phone with one cable!

    Live a healthier lifestyle with the state-of-the-art 4-in-1 Enviro Sensor™ embedded inside the Smartcase, monitoring air quality for you in real-time.

    More Smartblades with more SMART functions coming soon . . . Check-in regularly or sign up for our newsletter


    The most advanced phone case now in leather. Much more than a Pixel 3 battery case or charger, designed so you can leave your wallet at home. Forget plain old phone cases, bulky battery cases or chargers, your phone deserves this Pixel 3 Leather Wallet Smartcase.

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Combine your daily essentials, within this exclusive protective leather case and leave your wallet at home. Designed with care and attention as a genuine wallet replacement with best in class drop protection for your phone. Carries multiple credit cards, ID and has a money pouch.


Carry your leather wallet without wires, charger packs or battery packs.  But stay on the go longer with more when you snap-on the discrete Smartblade. Remove it when you no longer need the performance boost.


Capture even more photos and videos without the worry of filling up your phone's memory. Transfer video, movies, music, photos easily to your Smartblade, freeing up space quickly on your phone. Gain an extra 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of storage that comes with the Smartblade.  Expandable up to 288GB using the Smartblade's additional micro SD slot. Load up your Smartblade and watch more movies on the go during those long road trips.

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