Galaxy S7 Edge Elite Smartcase with Smartblade

INCLUDING Battery & Memory removable Smartblade
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Galaxy S7 Edge battery life case memory

Galaxy S7 Edge Elite Smartcase with Smartblade

INCLUDING Battery & Memory removable Smartblade

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Expand Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Life & More

  • Make your Galaxy S7 Edge do more with the World’s first Smartcase.
  • Slimline protective polycarbonate soft-touch case with built-in Smart technology.
  • Comes with initial removable recharegable Smartblade.
  • Increases Galaxy S7 Edge battery life by 18 hours and adds 64GB more storage.
  • Additional Galaxy S7 Edge microsd slot for expandable memory up to 128GB.

The next generation case for the next generation phone. Make your Galaxy S7 Edge do more with the i-BLADES Smartcase.  More add-on functions coming soon.

This Smartcase for phones makes plain old battery cases obsoleteread here

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Protective Galaxy S7 Edge Case

gs7edge-elite-hero2This slimline Galaxy S7 Edge case will protect your Galaxy S7 Edge and maintain its sleek looks at the same time.  Made out of protective polycarbonate it provides all round protection and a tactile soft-touch finish. It protects the vulnerable areas including the corners, back and face of your GS7 Edge. Its no ordinary slimline Galaxy S7 Edge case it also has smart technology built-in allowing you to do more, making your Galaxy S7 Edge smarter.

A Galaxy S7 Edge Case With A Difference


This is a Galaxy S7 Edge case that helps you do even more. Its built-in intelligence gives your Galaxy S7 Edge modular functions. You can snap on Smartblades onto this Galaxy S7 Edge case and achieve higher performance and new functions for your smartphone. Such as increasing Galaxy S7 Edge battery life, memory and more. Its as simple as that..


Compatible with all future Smartblades. New functions and Smartblades coming in the future with new solutions from health, to on-the-go-entertainment, security plus adding new sensors.

Find out more about the i-BLADES Smartcase technology.

A truly next generation Galaxy S7 Edge case.

Increase Galaxy S7 Edge battery life and more

galaxy-s7-case-modular-phone-battery-life-microsdTime to make your Galaxy S7 Edge do even more. A Galaxy S7 Edge case with a difference. The built-in smart technology makes your Galaxy Edge 7 modular. It allows you to add new functions easily so you can do more.  Just snap on and snap off Smartblades (modules) for extra battery and memory (Battery and Memory Smartblade included) and much more. Increasing your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge battery life and storage when you need it. Stay stylish, stay ahead of the crowd.  Avoid bulky battery cases or power packs. Treat your S7 Edge to this next generation Galaxy S7 Edge case.

More Galaxy S7 Edge battery life

Make your Galaxy S7 Edge battery life last almost two days. Turning it into one of the longest lasting smartphones on the planet. Add an extra waking days worth of power instantly to your Galaxy S7 Edge. Never be caught out without battery life. So you can keep surfing, creating, listening, emailing and viewing on the go. Simply store the Smartblade in your pocket and snap-on to increase your Galaxy S7 battery life by 18 hours*. Remove it when you do not need it. No need for bulky battery cases, powercases, or an extra power bank. Just clip on, and you can keep doing what you need to. The Smartblade gives you 1800mAH of extra Galaxy S7 Edge battery life and is rechargeable. Find out more about why this offers more than a standard battery case.


Increase Galaxy S7 Edge Memory

Galaxy S7 Edge battery life case memory

64GB Extra storage


Snap on the included Battery and Memory Smartblade to supercharge your smartphone. Instantly increase your phone storage by 64GB with this unique Galaxy S7 Edge case.  Take photos and videos without taking a single MB of storage space on your phone.

Expand your storage even further using the Galaxy S7 Edge microSD reader on the Smartblade.  More local private storage means you can avoid any hidden cloud storage costs as well.
64GB Extra storage

Stackable Modular Smartblades

Stackable S7

Maximise your Galaxy S7 Edge battery life by stacking Smartblades. Then charge them all in one go.  Charge them stacked on their own or snap them on to your Galaxy S7 Edge case and charge them with your phone. Easily portable and pocketable compared to battery packs.

Giving you the longest lasting battery life on a smartphone in one charge!

You can stack other Smartblades on your Battery and Memory Smartblade as they become available. Add multiple functions at one time.

You can buy more Smartblades here.


i-BLADES SmartApp

The i-BLADES Elite Smartcase comes with a free Application.  Called the SmartApp.  Just download from Google Play. This gives you control and access to any Smartblade attached to your Galaxy S7 Edge case. One application for all different Smartblades. View and manage content on your Smartblade easily.  As well as transferring content that is filling up your phone space.





Charge & Sync

Enables pass-through charge & sync while connected to a computer. Your Galaxy S7 Edge battery life recharges first. The Smartblade is recharged afterwards when attached to your Galaxy S7 Edge case. Recharge together, or charge your Smartblade separately via the USB port.

Protective cases, easy access

You will be able to enjoy all the normal functions of your phone without having to take this Galaxy S7 Edge case off. So you can maintain protection. Even when using a right angled headphone jack – unlike other phone cases.



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Elite Smartcase
  • 87.5mm (h) x 61.55mm (w) x 7.75mm (d)
  • Injection-molded polycarbonate (PC) material
  • External Micro USB port for re-charging and data connection
  • Smooth, soft-touch rubber-coated finish
  • Smart application to manage Smartblades.
Smartblade – Turbo 64
  • 1800 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Built-in secure storage 64GB
  • Micro SD slot for expandable memory up to 128GB depending on smartphone specification.
  • Dimensions: 88.4mm (h) x 61.6mm (w) x 7.9mm (d)
  • Stackable with other smartblades for ease of charging. One charge many Smartblades.
  • Stackable with other smartblades to add extra functionality – e.g 2 Smartblades double the power.
Package contents
  • 1x i-BLADES Elite Smartcase
  • 1 x Smartblade (Turbo 64 Smartblade) with 1800 mAh rechargeable battery. 64GB memory and micro SD slot for memory expansion
  • 1 x USB cable for charging Smartblade and data transfer
  • 1 X quick start guide

*Phone not included