Galaxy S7 Edge Elite Smartcase with Enviro Sensor

Get Surround AQ™ and protect your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
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Samsung Galaxy GS7 Edge case air quality phone case

Galaxy S7 Edge Elite Smartcase with Enviro Sensor

Get Surround AQ™ and protect your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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A Galaxy S6 case that protects and upgrades

  • Slim low profile protective Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge case in polycarbonate soft-touch
  • Drop and impact protection
  • World’s first Smartcase with revolutionary built-in Smart technology
  • Enviro sensor for 24/7 real-time air quality monitoring
  • Add-on Smartblades for new features and to upgrade phone functions


The i-BLADES Smartcase is a next generation Galaxy S7 Edge case. Helping you to do more.

Upgrade your Galaxy S7 Edge battery life and memory.  Get the GS7 Edge Smartcase with a battery and memory Smartblade here.

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Protective Galaxy S7 Edge case

Galaxy S7 case air quality smartcaseYour Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge case will fit snuggly into this sleek and stylish slim Galaxy S7 Edge case.  Its made out of protective polycarbonate. Providing a durable layer of all round protection. Protecting the corners, back and face of your GS7 Edge. Its is a slimline modular phone case but it also has smart technology built-in (see below).

Intelligence inside


The i-BLADES smartcase is the most intelligent phone case on the market It is a Galaxy S7 Edge case that allows you to upgrade your smartphone. Its built-in smart technology means you can do even more with your Galaxy S7 Edge. It comes with a built-in enviro sensor. But you can also add-on new functions using smartblades to do much more.

The Smartcase automatically recognizes the Smartblade and adds that functionality to your smartphone. Need more power just snap it on. Need more memory or an expandable microsd just snap it on. Virtual reality, entertainment, health, more functions coming soon.

Helping you live a healthier lifestyle

Did you know?


The average home can be up to five times more polluted than the outside. Air quality indoor and outdoor can cause severe health problems.


Now for the first time you can protect your phone and manage your health

Galaxy S6 case air quality monitoring smartcase
The i-BLADES Smartcase comes with a built-in Enviro Sensor. The latest best-in-class air quality sensor that gives you SURROUND AQ –  360 degree continuous real-time air quality monitoring where you are.  Surround AQ will help you understand the significant impact of air quality on your well-being and that of others, wherever you are. Asleep, awake, at home or on the go. The built-in Enviro Sensor will provide you with real-time updates on the air quality where you are.  So you can take action to live a healthy lifestyle. Awareness of air quality will become part of your day to day with this Galaxy S7 Edge Case.

4 in 1 Air Quality Sensor

The i-BLADES Enviro Sensor is a 4 in 1 sensor measuring:
1) Air temperature – recording conditions where you are.
2) Humidity – recording accurate local temperature. Lower and upper limits can impact respiratory tract, eye irritation and trigger allergies.
3) Air quality index – based on other sensor inputs and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) – major source of bad air quality.  Indoors and Outdoors.  More dangerous than Co2.
4) Atmospheric pressure – Weather and altitude indicator.
Galaxy s6 case air quality monitor i-blades smartcase
Best in-class quick, instant and easily understandable indicators of air quality.  Allowing you to take action.  Conveniently and discretely embedded in your Galaxy S7 Edge case.  No need for a separate device. Sleep better, live healthier.  Understand the air quality around you and its impact on your health.

How air quality affects you

You might not be aware that the air quality around you is impacting your health.  But it is:

One in 8 deaths have been linked to air pollution according to WHO.

50% of Americans are exposed to unhealthy level of pollutants – according to American Lung Association.

The Science Advisory body (SAB) has consistently ranked indoor pollution among the top 5 environmental risks to public health.

Sleeping is important for recharging ourselves for the following day. Poor air quality can disrupt and impact quality of sleep in a number of ways.  Rooms fill with used air that are not adjusted to your needs.

Indoor air quality affects more than health. A growing body of research suggests that students perform better in schools. See here.

Snap on, Snap off performance


No ordinary Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge case but a revolutionary one. Its built-in smart technology allows you to snap on and snap off Smartblades onto the back of the case. A Galaxy S7 Edge case that upgrades your Galaxy S6 capabilities, helping you do even more.  You can add battery life, add extra memory and a micro sd slot to your Galaxy S7 Edge.  But it does not stop there more Smartblades coming.  A Galaxy S7  Edge case that makes your S7 Edge even better.


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  • 87.5mm (h) x 61.55mm (w) x 7.75mm (d)
  • Injection-molded polycarbonate (PC) material
  • External Micro USB port for re-charging and data connection
  • Smooth, soft-touch rubber-coated finish
  • Smart application to manage Smartblades.
Package contents
  • 1x I-Elite Smartcase
  • 1 x USB cable for charging Smartblade and data transfer
  • 1 X quick start guide

*Phone not included

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