Galaxy S6 Leather case

Italian S6
Italian S6Italian S6Italian S6Italian S6Italian S6Italian S6Italian S6Italian S6Italian S6Italian S6Italian S6Italian S6Italian S6Italian S6Italian S6Italian S6Italian S6Italian S6Italian S6

Galaxy S6 Leather case


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The World’s First Smartcase with built-in smart technology in high quality leather. Look good and increase Galaxy S6 battery life by 12 hours add 64GB a Micro Sd slot and much more. The next generation phone case.


Pre-order your Smartcase in leather (with Smartblade included) now for delivery in December 2016.

Protect your Galaxy S6 in style with this high quality leather phone case. Fine craftsmanship has created a slimline leather phone case with smart technology inside. Allows you to increase your Galaxy S6 battery life when you need it with attachable and detachable quality aluminium Smartblade (included with your Smartcase purchase). In addition to the 64GB included you can expand memory even more with micro sd slot.

Offers much more than any battery case or memory expansion. Future Smartblades with new functions are planned and compatible with your Smartcase (e.g. entertainment, wellness).  They will allow you to add even more to your smartphone in the future.

It really is the most intelligent phone case.

The I-BLADES Smartcase the next generation phone case for your Galaxy S6 plus Smartblade.

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Snap on, Snap off performance


Built in smart technology in the Smartcase allows you to snap on and snap off a Smartblade onto your leather phone case. Improve Samsung battery life and memory when you need it. Two extra functions in one smartblade. All you need to do is snap it on. The Smartcase does the rest.

Protective and stylish high quality leather


The i-BLADES Smartcase is a sleek and stylish slimline leather phone case for your Galaxy S6. Its made out of protective high quality premium leather. That both feels great in your hand, looks good and provides your phone with premium protection. Protecting corners, back and face.

More power, more memory



Improve battery life easily, just attach the stylish Smartblade to the back of your leather case. Instantly increase cell phone battery life by 12 hours* (75%). Then remove it when not needed. No need for bulky battery cases, lots of cables or other battery solutions. The Smartblade that comes with your leather case gives you 1900mAH of extra cell phone battery life and is easily rechargeable.

Increase Galaxy S6 storage

37270 photos



Take away those worries about taking up space on your Galaxy S6 with photos, videos and movies. You can now have 64GB of extra memory with an included SD card. You can infinitely expand your Galaxy S6 storage with the micro SD card reader on the Smartblade. Take more photos and download more without taking a single MB of space on your phone. No hidden ongoing costs of cloud storage.

Easy viewing for your action shots

For the outdoor sports enthusiast or photographer or drone enthusiast. Film a great and want to watch it instantly? Now you can view it all on your Galaxy S6 screen. Simply shoot, then transfer the micro sd using the micro SD slot on the smartblade. Check you got that perfect shot before heading home.




Intelligence inside


The i-BLADES smartcase is the most intelligent phone case on the market Its built-in microprocessor means you can snap on smartblades and your phone will provide you with additional performance for your smartphone. It is compatible with all Smartblades. More functions coming soon.



Charge & Sync

Enables pass-through charge & sync while connected to a computer. Keep your leather case on. Your Samsung S6 battery recharges first, and then the Smartcase recharges the Smartblade. Top up your cell phone battery life at the same as your Smartblade.  Or charge your Smartblade separately.

Protective but easy access

You will be able to enjoy all the normal functions of your phone without having to take the stylish leather case off. Even using a right angled headphone jack. Unlike with some other phone cases.


Italian S6

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