Smart VR Blade and Smartcase

The smart portable VR headset and case. Turn your small screen into a big screen VR player.
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Smart VR Blade and Smartcase

The smart portable VR headset and case. Turn your small screen into a big screen VR player.

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Smartcase with VR headset included

  • Protective mobile phone case in TPU soft-touch material.
  • Made for Samsung Galaxy S6.
  • Easy clip on VR headset for ultimate VR portability.
  • Slim design that folds flat and fits in your pocket.
  • Included free Hashplay VR software/VR apps for social VR experience – invite your friends to a second screen VR experience.
  • Built-in Smart technology to Smartcase enables additional clip-on Smartblades that can double battery life and increase memory.

Making VR on the go a reality.  Take your Virtual reality video experience with you everywhere.

Time to get smart and move from the small flat screen to Smart VR.


Smartphone not included. Images illustrative, product likeness may vary. Specifications subject to change. Pre-order for late September delivery. Limited stocks available.

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Portable VR headset and mobile case.

Turn your small screen into a big screen virtual reality video experience.  Prepare to immerse yourself.


Protective mobile phone case with attachable VR headset

Turn your small screen into a big screen virtual reality video experience.  Easily convert your smartphone into a VR player with this SMART mobile phone case and foldable VR headset. The smartphone case protects your phone with a soft-touch TPU cover.  The VR headset clips on easily for on-the-go viewing. You can carry it clipped on or separately when not in use.


Easily portable VR cinema in your pocket

The Smart VR Blade from i-BLADES, folds up into a uniquely portable VR headset.  An immersive VR headset that is designed to fold away into a very small portable package with no compromise to your virtual reality video experience. Fold it up and put it into your pocket when you do not need it, or carry it folded on the I-BLADES Smartcase.  Then when you have a moment rather than view a small screen, immerse yourself with this VR player. Just unfold it and sit back and enjoy.

Just unfold and start viewing, VR or 360 content


There is no complex set-up required.  Just clip on your Smart VR Blade.  Select what you want to view and enjoy.  The VR headset allows you to enjoy both 360 degree content and VR content. So you can enjoy the increasing amount of 360 videos on You Tube. Plus check out the world ina new way with Google maps having Street View in 360.  You can explore places you have never been in a new way.


Unique VR apps from Hashplay for big screen social VR viewing

The Smart VR blade comes with some unique vr apps to enjoy virtual reality in a new way. We are delighted to be able to bring you Hashplay’s unique VR location software, which means you can watch sports events in VR with friends!  VR just got social. In addition you can have a second screen experience like no other. As you view an event, you can turn your head during the game to see additional information. For example if you are a sports fan you will be able to turn your head away from the main screen and look up players, or team details, etc.


Loads of VR apps and VR games to enjoy straight away

As well as the unique experience from hashplay VR apps there are load of VR apps you can download and enjoy straight away on Google Play from virtual reality video giving you a vr cinema experience to 360 video to VR games.  Here is a selection of a few:

  • Cinematic VR experience with Jaunt VR
  • Tour space with Vrash VR
  • Be part of the Star Wars saga.  Become a resistance agent on Jakku – feel the force!
  • Explore beautiful landscapes and experience story-telling in a new way with Vrse.

Or you can find more apps here VR apps


Intelligence inside


The i-BLADES smartcase is the most intelligent phone case on the market Its built-in microprocessor means you can snap on smartblades and your phone will provide you with additional performance for your smartphone. It is compatible with all Smartblades. More functions coming soon.


The i-BLADES smartcase is a sleek and stylish slimline Samsung Galaxy S6 case also shortly available for Samsung S6 Edge, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge. Its made out of protective polycarbonate. It provides a thin yet hard layer of protection. Protecting corners, back and face.


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