Battery and Memory Smartblade

Maximum battery life and memory for your smartphone or tablet
SmartbladeSmartbladeSmartbladeRechargeable batterySmartblade MicroSD slot

Battery and Memory Smartblade

Maximum battery life and memory for your smartphone or tablet

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Increase smartphone battery life & memory

  • Lightweight and sleek TPU Smartblades, with soft-touch finish.
  • Compatible with ALL i-BLADES Smartcases and usable with all smartphones*.
  • Double battery life**.
  • Increase smartphone memory by 64GB (included in purchase).
  • Plus adds a microSD slot to your smartphone for expandable memory (up to 128GB**).
  • Stackable to enable you to have the longest smartphone battery life on one single charge.
  • Branded USB charging cable included.

Clip on to your i-BLADES Smartcase. Or share power and memory with friends through the cable included.

Look out for more Smartblades with more functions and colours as they will all be compatible with your i-BLADES SMARTCASE.


*Check website for phone models with Smartcases.  Otherwise plug in via included cable.

** Based on leading flagship phone. But dependent on smartphone used with.

Imagery is for illustrative purposes. Not exact likeness.

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Stylish pocketable battery pack

Soft-touch TPU coating with ergonomic design to give a nice feel in the hand. Lightweight material for easy portability.  Fits in your pocket easily, even when charging. But packs a punch adding extra battery, memory. Extra phone battery life and storage never looked so stylish.

More power, more memory



Never be caught out with this external battery pack. If you attach one stylish Smartblade you already double your smartphone battery life. Increasing talk time by more than 12 hours*. Then pocket it when you do not need it. No need for bulky battery cases, lots of cables, or a chunky battery pack. Just attach via the USB – or snap on to an i-BLADES Smartcase. The rechargeable Smartblade gives you 1800mAH to dramatically boost phone battery life.

Galaxy phone case battery pack power pack

Stackable for longer smartphone battery life

The flexible external battery pack for those that need even longer battery life when on the go.  For example holidays, long weekends or that long business trip. Since, you can stack and charge multiple Smartblades in one go with one cable. This will give you the longest smartphone battery life possible on a single charge. Then by swapping Smartblades when you need them, there is no need to recharge when you are on the go! A flexible external battery pack that means you can always carry the right amount of battery life.  Sometimes you may only need one; other times you might need a week.  No need to be monitoring for power sockets! Be the envy of your friends with the longest lasting smartphone battery life in one charge.

Easy snap on to Smartcases

Smart technology inside the smartblade, allows you to clip easily on to your Smartcase and the Smartcase does the rest. You can adjust the settings with the Smart App if you wish for added personalisation. All as easy as snap-on.  How to get more space on your phone ? Just snap it on.  Want to increase phone battery life – just snap it on.

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battery pack power pack maximum battery life

Get more space on your phone

37270 photos



Ever wondered how to get more space on your phone? Take away those worries about taking up space on your smartphone with photos, videos and movies. You can storage with the additional micro sd card reader. Take more photos and download more without taking a single MB of space on your phone. No hidden ongoing costs of cloud storage.

battery pack power pack microsd card usb thumb drive

Add expandable memory to your smartphone

As well as giving you the flexibility to achieve the longest smartphone battery life on one charge. The Turbo 64 Smartblade gives you flexibility to expand smartphone storage dramatically as well. The smartblade has a microSD card slot. When attached to your smartphone or Smartcase this adds a microSD card slot. This means you can expand memory even more with new SD cards.  Or you can insert SD cards for viewing of content from other devices – e.g. Go Pro etc.. If you concerned with space and how to get more space on your phone, then the Smartblade is for you.


Charge and view no battery drain

The Turbo 64 Smartblade has the unique capability to charge your smartphone or tablet as you watch movies.  This means you can enjoy content from your Smartblade without it draining your battery.


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Smartblade made of TPU with soft-touch finish

  • Height 88.43cm
  • Width 62.6cm
  • Depth 7.90cm
  • 1800mAh rechargeable battery
  • 64GB memory included
  • MircoSD expandable memory slot
  • USB cable for data transfer and charging
  • Built-in smart technology