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Style Intelligence
Performance Protection Freedom

Style Intelligence Performance Protection Freedom


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Italian or Elite series?

The next generation mobile phone case with smart technology inside

Mobile phone cases and phone skins only provide protection. The i-BLADES Smartcase is a unique smart accessory that allows you to easily add extra functions to your smartphone. So you can protect and upgrade your smartphone. One smartphone case, many functions. 1000’s of possibilities.

Ultra slimline easily attachable and detachable Smartblades when you need to boost smartphone performance.

Monitor the quality of air around you. More than double smartphone battery life. Easily increase memory so you can take more pictures and videos. In the future add even more smart capabilities from mobile entertainment to sound enhancement. The possibilities are endless as new Smartblades are developed.


The most advanced and intelligent mobile phone case

Built-in microprocessing capabilities
intelligently enables your smartphone functionality
to be expanded and enhanced in limitless ways. A modular phone case.

For those that need their smartphone to do more

We continue to want to do more with our smartphones. But there are limits to what even they can do. Take for example battery life, or storage space can be an issue. So rather than buying extra accessories a Smartcase offers multiple solutions with one mobile phone case.

More photos. More memories. No more limits on your Smartphone’s memory.


Do more on the go. Increase battery life from 2-10 times.


Unlimited future possibilities. Universally available. Sports, wellness, entertainment.


Sleek protective smartphone case

Low profile smartphone case with all round phone protection.


Buit-in smart technology

Built-in micro processor within protective casing. Intelligently enables modular phone enhancements.


Interchangeable Smartblades

Easily attachable and detachable slimline Smartblades. That clip on and clip off improving battery life, memory and future possibilities. Use across devices.


Easy access to phone ports

Access all your ports for phone charging and headphones with the case on. Supports right angled headphone jack.


Multiple colors

Variety of smartphone case colors to personalize your look.


Exclusive leather option

Choose from two materials: our soft touch poly-carbonate or premium leather phone case.


Brushed aluminium Smartblades

Made from robust and attractive material. To look good and feel good.


Easy connectivity

All Smartcases are compatible with all Smartblades. More Smartblades coming soon.

Sleek protective smartphone case and durable modular blades

Low profile smartphone case with all round phone protection

Italian or Elite series?


what you carry

Choose from exclusive leather phone case or protective poly-carbonate.
We have a wide range available including Galaxy S6 cases, Galaxy S7 cases. Other smartphone cases coming soon. Make your next phone case a smart one.


December 8, 2016 in Latest News

i-BLADES Wins 2016 MEMS IoT Technology Showcase

i-BLADES Wins 2016 MEMS IoT Technology Showcase

A new platform for IOT technologies to innovate and reach mobile consumers quickly


i-Blades Inc. has been named the 2016 MEMS & Sensors Technology Showcase winner for its groundbreaking Smartcase, a phone case that is an IOT platform, dramatically accelerating time to market and reach for sensor and other technologies. The Smartcase allows new technology to quickly reach mass-market mobile consumers through one integrated smartphone accessory — a mobile phone case. i-BLADES beat four other cutting-edge finalists at the annual MEMS & Sensor Industry Group (MSIG) annual conference 2016. It beat the competition because of its broader capability to accelerate and benefit the IOT and micro sensor market.

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November 14, 2016 in Latest News

CES 2017 – i-BLADES Wins Wireless Accessory Award

CES 2017 i-BLADES – Innovation Award Honoree

i-BLADES has just announced that its groundbreaking modular “Smartcase” has won the CES 2017 innovative honoree award in the wireless handset accessory category. The world’s first “Smartcase,” is a next generation phone case with built-in smart technology that lets users add new functions to smartphones.

The new Smartcase addresses a big customer pain point due to smartphone innovation plateauing: they’re stuck with existing smartphone technology for up to two years. The  Smartcase changes all that. A slimline phone case, it lets users upgrade smartphone performance by easily snapping-on/snapping off Smartblades. Now users can improve phone performance without waiting two years–or having to buy a new phone. 

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October 12, 2016 in Latest News

New IOT platform finalist for MEMS & Sensor industry award

i-BLADES Smartcase Finalist for IOT Sensor Technology Showcase


i-Blades Inc. has been chosen by MEMS & Sensors Industry Group (MSIG) as one of the five finalists bringing new IOT solutions to market for the 2016 MEMS & Sensors Technology Showcase at the 2016 MEMS & Sensors Executive Congress on November 10.
The i-BLADES Smartcase, is a modular phone case that is an important Internet of things enabler. Its a new IoT platform.  i-BLADES have been nominated for MEMS industry award because of its capability to bring to market microelectromechanical systems (microscopic devices and sensors known as the eyes and ears of the Internet of Things). Its a new IoT platform that can get MEMs technology to market fast and to scale.  For microelectromechanical  system makers, this creates a new channel to market that crucially hits the mass market mobile segment.  It provides a very powerful alterative to the smartphone route to market, as evidenced by a partnership with Bosch Sensortec to integrate the BME680 environmental sensor. It also removes a significant barrier to IoT acceleration which is the proliferation of devices.  The I-BLADES Smartcase eliminates the need for consumers to have extra devices for new MEMs technology powered experiences. They will also not to have to wait to buy the latest smartphone to get appreciate the latest MEMS enabled experiences.

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