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Style Intelligence
Performance Protection Freedom

Style Intelligence Performance Protection Freedom


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Italian or Elite series?

The next generation mobile phone case with smart technology inside

Mobile phone cases and phone skins only provide protection. i-BLADES Smartcase is a unique smart accessory that protects and allows you to add extra functions to your smartphone. Easily add extra smartphone battery life, expandable phone memory. Or solutions around air quality monitoring,  wellness, and mobile entertainment.  Do more with less. No need for a bulky battery case, battery packs or power banks. One smartphone case, many functions. 1000’s of possibilities.

Ultra slimline easily attachable and detachable Smartblades when you need to boost smartphone performance.

Choose a Smartblade and clip it on. The Smartcase does the rest. More than double smartphone battery life with stackable Smartblades. Easily increase memory to allow you to take more pictures and videos with your phone. In the future add new smart capabilities like air quality monitoring, mobile entertainment, sound enhancement. The possibilities are endless as new Smartblades are developed. The smartest smartphone case.


The most advanced and intelligent mobile phone case

Built-in microprocessing capabilities
intelligently enables your smartphone functionality
to be expanded and enhanced in limitless ways. A modular phone case.

For those that need their smartphone to do more

We continue to want to do more with our smartphones. But the battery life of our iphone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6,S5, or any another smartphone can let us down. We want to take more photos and videos but phone memory is limited. Increasingly we are all buying extra accessories. A Smartcase offers the functionality of multiple accessories in one mobile phone case that protects.

More photos. More memories. No more limits on your Smartphone’s memory.


Do more on the go. Increase battery life from 2-10 times.


Unlimited future possibilities. Universally available. Sports, wellness, entertainment.


Sleek protective smartphone case

Low profile smartphone case with all round phone protection.


Buit-in smart technology

Built-in micro processor within protective casing. Intelligently enables modular phone enhancements.


Interchangeable Smartblades

Easily attachable and detachable slimline Smartblades. That clip on and clip off improving battery life, memory and future possibilities. Use across devices.


Easy access to phone ports

Access all your ports for phone charging and headphones with the case on. Supports right angled headphone jack.


Multiple colors

Variety of smartphone case colors to personalize your look.


Exclusive leather option

Choose from two materials: our soft touch poly-carbonate or premium leather phone case.


Brushed aluminium Smartblades

Made from robust and attractive material. To look good and feel good.


Easy connectivity

All Smartcases are compatible with all Smartblades. More Smartblades coming soon.

Sleek protective smartphone case and durable modular blades

Low profile smartphone case with all round phone protection

Italian or Elite series?


what you carry

Choose from exclusive leather phone case or protective poly-carbonate.
Currently available is our Galaxy S6 case. Other smartphone cases coming soon. Make your next phone skins a smart one. Look good and increase cell phone battery life, memory and other capabilities.


September 22, 2016 in Latest News

Forget Galaxy S7 Edge battery case. Get a Smartcase

Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Case – Your Time Is Up

Considering buying a Galaxy S7 Edge battery case, think again. Up until now there have been limited choice to solve issues of S7 Edge battery drain. Options available have been a Galaxy S7 Edge battery case, a battery pack or a power pack.  A Mophie, Incipio battery case or Ankher power pack to name a few of the numerous brands.  Or alternatively a charger cable and power socket!  None of which are worthy solutions for Samsung’s most elegant and advanced mobile phone.

Today there is an alternative to the ugly Galaxy S7 Edge battery case.  Its the an new Galaxy S7 Edge phone case called the Galaxy S7 Edge Elite Smartcase.  Its a mobile phone case with a difference made by i-BLADES. It turns the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge into something even cooler; a modular phone.  There is a major  difference between this mobile phone case and a battery case. It does so much more than just improve battery life.  The modules called Smartblades, are removable.  So you have a sleek attractive case, until you need a hit of new functionality.  Then you just snap on what you need.

Say goodbye to your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge battery phone case.  Say goodbye to battery drain and battery life issues. Time to make your  Galaxy S7 Edge even more state of the art with the Galaxy S7 Edge Elite Smartcase.

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August 22, 2016 in Latest News

Samsung battery life – do we really need more

Samsung battery life – Do we Really Need More?

Samsung battery life is usually very impressive. The Galaxy smartphone line has a reputation of offering the best smartphone battery life. Its latest addition the Galaxy Note 7 has a 3,500 mAh capacity. Despite this, most of us would say we continue to need more smartphone battery life. With all our usage its rare Samsung battery life (regardless of the phone)lasts more than a day. So we find the best smartphone battery life is still not enough for our needs.

This battery life problem is having a significant impact. According to LG:

  • 90% of us suffer from the fear of losing power on our phones.
  • Battery life concerns are even having an impact on health. $2% of millennials likely to skip gym when choosing between a workout and charging their phone.

So we have a battery life crisis on our hands. That is set to get worse with new applications sucking up even more battery power. Take for example the Pokemon Go phenomenon which clearly requires more smartphone battery life.

As our demands on smartphone battery life increase, is it realistic for smartphones to meet our battery life needs? Should we find another solution. A return to the replaceable Samsung battery? Even bigger smartphone batteries? Are bulky battery packs, power packs, or battery cases the future? There are a plethora of Samsung accessories that could solve this ? But it has to be a smart accessory that will win the day.

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August 8, 2016 in Latest News

World’s first leather phone cases to make your phone modular

i-BLADES Announces World’s First Leather Modular Phone Case

New Samsung Galaxy S7 case and Samsung S6 case uniquely combine hi-tech with hi-fashion

MILPITAS, CA, August 3, 2016. i-BLADES, Inc., creator of the industry’s first Smartcase, today announced the world’s first leather modular phone case. The new Samsung Samsung S6 case and Samsung Galaxy S7 case are designed to extend the appeal of modular phone technology. Bringing it to the fashion conscious beyond the exclusive domain of the technology enthusiast.

The Galaxy S6 and S7 Modena Smartcases are exquisite leather phone cases. They are the latest smart accessory but also made from the highest quality leather. Handcrafted from Italian full-grain black leather with striking red Ferrari accents. A designer phone case with a beautifully crafted exterior which hides the technology underneath. This is the most advanced mobile phone case available. These leather phone cases have ultra-thin built-in smart technology. The Modena Smartcase not only protects your smartphone but also allows you to upgrade its functionality. This is done through snap-on and snap-off Smartblades™. The Smartblades are modules that expand the capabilities of your Samsung S6 or Galaxy S7 smartphone. As people now need more power, more memory and new personalised functions the Smartblades allow them to add these. This can be done in style using these leather cases.

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