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Turbo III Smartblade® +Battery, +Memory, & SDcard

    • Supercharge battery and storage for your smartphone

      Instant and powerful wireless charging with our stylish and ergonomically designed Turbo III SmartBlade®.  Lightweight and portable, made from a lightweight aluminum.  A wireless battery power pack with micro SDcard storage expansion slots for those with busy lifestyles. Avoid bulky battery cases, battery packs, power packs and crazy wires.

      Snap-on to your i-Blades SmartCase for up to 10 hours* battery charge boost and expand your phone storage instantly and effortlessly.  Free up storage room and move pictures, movies, or any data to the SmartBlade® secure internal storage. Also works as a back up for your entire data, videos and photos library.

      This Battery pack and Memory SmartBlade® has a user accessible micro SDcard slot for you to increase storage up to 512GB.  Snap-off your SmartBlade® when you do not need it and enjoy a sleek stylish phone case.


      Continue to use your smartphone while charging the Turbo III SmartBlade®. Simply snap-off the SmartBlade® and charge it separately. 


      At night use one cable to charge both your phone and the Turbo III SmartBlade®. Simply snap-on the Turbo III SmartBlade®, plug the charge cable to the SmartCase and voila both the phone and SmartBlade® charge. Stack additional SmartBlades to have the entire stack (including the phone) charged when you wake up.

      This product is fast charging and compatible with USB-C charging cables.


Increase battery life without wires

Snap-on the Smartbalde to your Smartcase and increase battery life by up to 10 hours* .  So you can talk, surf and connect more. No need for wires or unsightly battery packs and cases.  No need to stop using your phone when charging. Just snap-off when charged.

Share your Smartblade

Every Smartblade is made to be compatible with every Smartcase, regardless of phone model.  So you can share your power and memories with friends and family.

* Hours of battery are estimated based on mAh of leading Samsung flagship smartphones.

This product is fast charging and should only be used in conjunction with computers with USB ports that support fast charging.