General Questions

What is a Smartcase?

A Smartcase is a phone case that protects your phone, with smart technology inside including an EnviroSensor. Smartcases are able to add new and improve existing features to your smartphone. This is achieved through snapping on Smartblades. The Smartcase automatically detects the Smartblades.

How do Smartblades attach to the Smartcase?

The Smartcase has a patented, magnetic attachment system which holds the Smartblade very securely onto the case.

Does it add memory to my smartphone?

Snapping on a Smartblade to the back of your Smartcase will add extra storage to your smartphone. Each Smartblade has both internal storage (depending on which you purchase) as well as a microSD slot for unlimited storage.

How much battery life does the Smartblade have?

The Smartblade has 3600 mAh capacity which will give you more than an extra working days battery life.

Does the i-BLADES Smartcase support fast-charging?

Yes it does. Your phone will recharge as fast as your smartphone normally charges without the Smartcase.

Does the i-BLADES Smartblade support wireless charging?

The i-BLADES Smartcase has been developed using a new standard for wireless technology that is over 2 times faster than wireless charging technology available elsewhere. For example, a Qualcomm Qi 3.0 charger takes 2 times longer to charge a battery to the same level as i-Blades’ wireless technology. When the market trend is towards speed and fast charging, the wireless charging technology is far behind user demands and extremely slow.  In response to this i-BLADES has developed a new superior standard.

This standard is currently used in the transfer of power between the Smartblade to the phone.  The priority was to address the pain points of on-the-go-users as this is where the biggest battery life issues arise.  The technology will later be available through other accessories such as an i-BLADES wireless dock.

Which Smartcases have the EnviroSensor?

All Smartcases have an EnviroSensor built-in so you can monitor air quality where you are. Do you know we take between 17,000 to 23,000 breaths a day? We believe we should all know the air we are breathing.

What other Smartblades do you have planned?

We are working with partners on an exciting roadmap of new Smartblades from VR, to health, security and adding new sensor technology.  The Smartcase platform will detect all new smartblades that are made available.

When will you be launching new Smartcases for new smartphone models?

We are planning on supporting lots of new models. We are continually increasing our range and supporting new smartphone models. Our initial portfolio is focused on major smartphone flagships.   But we get a lot of requests for new smartphones. If you want to know if we are planning to support your smartphone, email us or sign up to the mailing list below. We are open to adjusting our plans based on market feedback.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely.  US Domestic shipping is free.  International shipping is a flat rate $55. We ship to most countries in the world.

What Smartcases can I use my Smartblade on?

All i-BLADES Smartcases can use any Smartblade. So you can share Smartblades with those that have Smartcases. Note for the memory functions each Smartblade has a public area and a private area that you control accessibility.

Are the Smartcases and Smartblades waterproof?

No, they are not.

Does Samsung Pay work when the  Smartcase is on the phone?

Yes, Samsung Pay continues to work when the Smartcase is on the phone. The i-BLADES Smartcase does support NFC. There is no interference with our Smartcase and Smartblade. The NFC antenna is on the top of the phone above the cameras.