Smartcase set up


Insert phone into the Smartcase

Slide your phone into the Smartcase.

Ensure the micro USB connector is securely plugged into the phone.

Ensure you use the phone model that is compatible with your make of Smartcase.


Download the i-BLADES smartapp 

Go to the Google Play store and download the i-BLADES Smartapp. Make sure you type it correctly.  

Alternatively use the link below (You can only download from this link directly to your smarpthone).


and switch on the EnviroSensor (optional)

Once the app is installed, follow the on screen instructions for sign in.

The Smartcase default has the EnviroSensor turned off.  So you will have to enable it.

After signing in, click on the EnviroSensor tile in the app. Then select the menu icon on the top right of your screen. Select the monitor sampling rate you desire.

To find out more about what the EnviroSensor measures click the button below.

Charging your Smartcase

The Smartcase has the same USB port as your phone .  You will be able to charge it using your existing equipment or the USB cable supplied.

Snap on a Smartblade

Place your Smartblade on the back of the case, matching the discs on the back of the case with the Smartblade attachment configuration.

The Smartblade will snap-on easily and securely when you bring it closer to the back of the Smartcase.

The set-up of your Smartcase should be very straight forwards.  Just slide the phone in,  download the app , sign-in and you are up and running.  If you do experience any difficulties please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.  They can be reached at

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