Memory solution



Free up phone memory with the i-BLADES Smartcase

so you can do more



Free up space on your phone with the i-BLADES battery and memory Smartblade

The i-BLADES battery and memory Smartblade snaps on to your Smartcase to provide you with instant expandable memory. So you will always be able to capture those special moments.

Because some moments are just too precious to miss

We all use our phones to do more and more. Take more photos. Take more videos. Download more films. Picture messaging. But all this uses up the memory of your phone. The i-BLADES Smartcase with battery and memory Smartblade means this never need to be a problem.

Free up space

Free up space instantly on your phone. Snap on the i-BLADES Smartblade and transfer files that were taking up valuable phone space. The Smartblade comes with 64GB of memory as well as an expandable micro sd slot

Shoot more

We all love to take photos and videos, now there is no need to worry about phone memory space, even if you are shooting in 4k. Use the Smartblade micro sd to expand memory even further and share photos with friends.

Always available

No matter where you are your photos, video, movies will be instanbtly available when you snap on your Smartblade. This means you can save more content but also share, view and play it at your leisure without worries of internet speeds in accessing cloud or wi-fi storage.

Easy to use

Just snap on the BLADES Smartblade onto the Smartcase. Its as simple as that. Snap it on and use the inutitive Smart App.


The i-BLADES Smartcase provides a unique memory solution that you can snap-on and snap-off your phone. When you snap on the Smartblade you can access expanded phone storage.


Sometimes sharing photos and data can be time consuming. Now you can easily transfer files and share photos with others. The Smartblade is universal so others just need to attach it to their Smartcase. Or it can be attached by USB for file transfer.

Galaxy S8 Smartcase +     Smartblade


Galaxy S8 Plus Smartcase + Smartblade


Galaxy Note 5 Smartcase + Smartblade


Galaxy S7 Edge Smartcase + Smartblade