Enterprise Solutions

Leverage the billion dollar

Smartphone Platform

For FREE with i-Blades


Leverage the billion dollar

Smartphone Platform

for FREE with i-Blades






Technology is moving fast . . .

Technology is moving fast . . .








. . . devices quickly become outdated . . . . the development process is expensive

. . . Devices quickly become outdated

The development process is expensive.















Turning Ordinary Smartphones into Extraordinary Mobile Solutions

i-Blades creates a full mobile solution for your business by embedding your business needs onto a unique Smartblade managed in the cloud (or locally) through our SmartApp. The universal Smartblade allows business to swiftly and efficiently keep pace with today's accelerated technology changes.

i-Blades utilizes the smartphone as an ingredient technology

Edge Computing

Spectrum Analyzers, Sensors

Radios, Mesh Networks

Outfit all your employees with i-Blades phone specific Smartcase and universal Smartblade complete with your company defined security features (including VPN) and files.


Company data transfers securely between the Smartblade and Smartcase -- or, by-passing the phone, directly to your cloud.

Now your employees are secure in the office and on the go!






Simply let us know your business needs

-- edge computing, spectrum analyzers, mesh networks, sensors, radios, and more --

and we can create an extraordinary mobile solution for that!